2010 Toban Schedule

Starting in June, we are going to a new method for toban. Instead of taking turns bringing in water, each family will be asked to pay $20 in a 6 month period, and the dojo will purchase and store the water.

Sign off on your toban duty with one of the Board officers. If you wish to do something special for refreshments, please prearrange it with the Board officers.

Month Name
Jun - Dec Balacanao Darryl
Broshears Nicholas
Chang Hannah
Chi Joyce
Cho In Ho
Choi Daniel
Chu Michael
Chung Alex
Chung Woody
Domen Sumi
Hahn Danielle
Hamamura Yu
Huang Michael
Joe Kyung and Soo Young
Kariya Yoshijiro
Kim Esther, John, Alex
Kim Christie
Kim Damon
Kim Patrick
Lim Mitchell
Ma Phillip
Matsuda Kane
Moon Joshua
Nagasawa Jeffrey, Yukiko
Nakagawa Takeshi
Nguyen Emil
Takanashi Vincent
Tekin Korhan
Toh Shauna
Trost Jeffrey
Tseng Cindy, George
Wang Alex, Kelvin
Yang Jeanwon
Yook Kenn
Yoon Brian, Kay, Courtney

Thank you for supporting the dojo!

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