Norwalk Kendo Dojo 2011 Highlights

2011 overview

  • Membership
    • approximately 75 members (federation membership throughout 2011)
    • teaching staff includes one 8 dan, two 7 dan, three 6 dan, one 5 dan, one 4 dan
    • three officers and three advisors on the SCKF board
    • one officer on the AUSKF board

  • Recurring Norwalk Dojo events
    • Monthly special practices, Sun 8-10am
    • Yudansha practices, 1st Monday of the month
    • Kata practices, 2nd Monday of the month
    • Monthly dojo tournament, last Mon practice on odd months or last Fri practice on even months
    • Team SCKF practices, Sun 8am-12pm once or twice a month (for All United States Kendo Championships 8/12-13 in Atlanta)
    • Team USA practices, Sun 8am-12pm once or twice a month (for 15WKC 5/25/12 in Italy)
Event summary

  • Fri, 1/7/11: Norwalk Dojo first practice of 2011
    traditional first keiko feast, including fresh mochi and zenzai!

  • Sun, 1/30/11: Kubota Memorial Taikai, Wilson Park
    Congratulations to Yoon Brian (3rd place, 1-2 dan) and Kodama Jean (1st place, senior division).

  • Fri, 2/18/11: Iaido with Oda sensei
    Tonight kendo practice is cancelled. Instead we will host an iaido seminar with Oda sensei, iaido 8 dan hanshi from Japan, who will be visiting SCKF the whole week.

  • Sat, 2/19/11: Steveston Taikai, Canada
    Congratulations to Kariya Yoshijiro for taking 2nd place in the 3 dan division! He was also on the SCKF team, which took 3rd place in the senior team competition.

  • Sat, 4/16/11: SEJSCC Recognition Dinner
    Congratulations to Mrs Domen for being one of two Center honorees at the dinner (the other was Hy Shishino).

  • Sun, 4/17/11: North-South Taikai, San Jose
    Congratulations to Yoon Courtney (2nd place, 11-13 years) and Yoon Brian (3rd place, 1-2 dan)

  • Sat, 4/30/11: SCKF spring shinsa, Pasadena Bukkyokai
    Congratulations to Ji Daniel (5kyu), Kim Christie (4kyu), Hahn Danielle (3kyu), and Yoon Brian (2dan). Everyone passed with flying colors!

  • Thu-Sun, 6/9-13/11: AUSKF Iaido Camp, Kent OH
    Congratulations to Okuno Isamu for passing 5 dan!

  • Sun, 6/19/11: Junior Nationals, Huntington Beach
    Congratulations to Hahn Danielle, who won best 8 (13 and under girls), and to Yoon Courtney, who was on the SCKF Girls Team B which took 3rd place.

  • Sun, 6/26/11: SCKF Indiv Championships, Wilson Park
    Congratulations to Yoon Brian, who took 3rd place in the yudansha championships, and to Kodama Jean, who took 1st place in the senior division!

  • Fri-Sat, 8/12-13/10: AUSKF Championships, Atlanta
    Good job Yoon Courtney! Norwalk Dojo is proud of you for making the team and fighting hard at the championships.

  • Sun, 8/21/11: Nikkei Games, CSULB Pyramid
    Congratulations to Hahn Rex, who took 3rd place in the 3dan and above division!

  • Sun, 8/28/11: Nisei Week Taikai, Nishihonganji
    Congratulations to trophy winners Trost Jeffrey (3rd place, adult 0-4 kyu division) and Yoon Courtney (2nd place, 11-13 division). And we are very proud of our kyu team which took 3rd place, with each team member showing excellent fighting spirit!

  • Sun, 9/25/11: SCKF Team Championships, Wilson Park
    to 1st place women's team (Yoon Courtney, Domen Sumi, Hahn Danielle, coach Yoon Brian) and 3rd place yudansha team (Chu Michael, Yoon Brian, Domen Sumi, Amano Shotaro, Chang Jeffrey, Kariya Yoshijiro)!

  • Sun, 10/16/11: SCKF Fall Shinsa, Wilson Park
    Congratulations to Hahn Lance (6 kyu), Lim Jennifer (6 kyu), Moon Joshua (6 kyu), Choi Daniel (6 kyu), Matsuda Kane (4 kyu), Ji Daniel (4 kyu), Lim Steve (4 kyu), Kim Christie (3 kyu), Azama Eric (3 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (3 kyu), Lim Mitchell (3 kyu), Hahn Danielle (2 kyu), Yoon Courtney (2 kyu), Kim Andrew (1 dan), Huang Michael (1 dan), Hong Woo (2 dan)

  • Sat-Mon, 11/19-21/11: All Japan Champion visit

    AUSKF sponsored the 2010 and 2011 All Japan Champion, Takanabe Susumu sensei, for a kendo education tour. Norwalk Dojo hosted the Monday seminar/keiko and farewell party.

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