Takanabe Sensei's Visit to Norwalk Dojo 11/21/11

AUSKF is sponsoring the 2010 and 2011 All Japan Champion, Takanabe Susumu sensei, for a kendo education tour from 11/12 through 11/22. Here are some links featuring Takanabe sensei (if you have others, let us know!)

Norwalk Dojo is hosting the SCKF seminar/keiko and farewell party on Monday, 11/21, which is Takanabe sensei's final night in the U.S.

We will need all dojo members, friends, and family to help out. If you are attending the keiko, please arrive by 6pm to help with dojo set up, as we expect guests to start arriving around 6:30pm. After keiko we will need help with setting up the tarp, tables, and chairs, as well as with serving the food.

The preliminary menu includes baked salmon, turkey, ham, fried chicken, beef & broccoli , chow mein, ddukboki (Korean rice cake), stuffing, mashed potato, cranberry, cheese/tomato salad, macaroni salad, sunomono, tsukemono, black bean, cooked veggie, kimchi, cake, pumpkin pie, fruit platter, yum yum cookies. Yum indeed!

See links to photos of the seminar and keiko below, taken by:

As you can see from Horii san's photos of the sayonara party, the moms outdid themselves (again!) with a magnificent feast! The party was many weeks in the planning, days in physical preparation, and clean up took until 12:30am! Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the event, especially all the officers!

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