2012 Cultural Festival

Sat 7/28 and Sun 7/29 (formerly known as carnival)

Food shifts
(workers 18 years and over)
  • Fri 7/27
    • 7:30pm food preparation
  • Sat 7/28
    • 6am set up (all young men welcome :-)
    • 12-6pm
    • 5 to closing
  • Sun 7/29
    • 12-6pm
    • 3pm to closing
  • Mon 7/30
    • 7pm clean up

Fish booth shifts
(workers under 18)
  • sign up for duty with Domen Sumi
To All,
  • Refrigerator Truck - Those using the truck, please bring shelving to keep your food 6" off the floor.
  • Festival lights inside the booths will be taken down SUNDAY MORNING to facilitate booth breakdowns Sunday evening. If needed you may bring some portable lights for your cleanup.
  • The temporary 2 compartment sink will be set up by the back door. Your groups will be using this sink for the bulk of your washing. Please scrape off the food residue into the trash can BEFORE washing the item. Wash, rinse the item then dip the item into the sanitizing bucket about 30 seconds, then AIR DRY the item. When items are dried, put them away.
  • The kitchen sink will be used for food prep (rice washing) most of the day. After food preparations are finished, the sink may be used for dish washing. Be sure to dip all washed items into a bucket of sanitizer about 30 seconds before letting the item AIR DRY. Be sure to put items away.
  • When sanitizing solution gets dirty, use a bucket to empty the sanitize solution into the outside drain. Fill bucket to the 16 gallon line and add one (1) cup of bleach.
  • Grease/oil drums will be delivered on Monday, July 23rd.and picked up July 31st. The oil drums are for used grease and oil only. NO WATER.
  • The large trash bin will be delivered the SOUTH PARKING LOT, on Weds. July 25th and picked up on Thursday, August 3rd.. Please use this container for ALL of your group's trash. Be sure to tie the trash bags and breakdown the boxes (FLATTEN THEM) before discarding the trash.
  • Use cardboard or other suitable material to cover any areas where cooking grease or cooking drippings may spill or splatter on the ground. Otherwise bring a degreaser and scrub brush for the Monday evening cleanup.
  • Be sure to use thermometers to check core or center temperature. Wipe thermometer with sanitizing solution after use.
  • All cooking areas need one or two ABC fire extinguishers which that are still charged up. Be sure to check the charged dial.
Linda Kusuda

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