Kendo Demonstration at Cultural Festival
7/28/12 Saturday 4pm

  • We will have a dry run Friday 7:30pm
  • Demonstration Saturday 4pm
  • Please change back into keikogi/hakama to participate in soran bushi which will probably start around 6:30pm (see info at bottom of page), and get friends/family to come out too!

Saturday schedule:
....  store keikogi, hakama, shinai, bogu in classroom
      put on tasuki (1st name red), have shinpanki
3:15  change, review demo
3:55  JK get in place, rest line up in hallway
4:00  march in, rei on entry to demo area, stay standing
      together put down bogu, stand in front of men, "rei"
      (voice-over by JK, already in place)
4:01  introductions: see list below
      (kenshi rei as announced, stay standing 
4:03  "rei" together, "chakuza", "mokuso"
      (voice-over by JK)
4:04  kata (Kariya, Yoon B)
      (voice-over by JK)
      (everyone else put on men, then stand queitly)
4:10  point demonstration (Chang and Kim A)
      men, kote, do, tsuki, kote-men (slow then fast);
      kote-nuki men, kote-kaeshi men
      men-kaeshi men, men-kaeshi do
4:13  uchikomi demo
      4 motodachi (Henmi, Kariya, Cho, Chang)
      kirikaeshi (regular 2 sets, end up north side)
      (3x men, kote, do, kote-men, kote-do)
4:18  shiai demo (shinpan Henmi, Cho, Yoon)
      (just 4 matches, see list below)
      everyone keep on men until last match, "men tore"
4:25  "kiotsuke", "mokuso", "naore", "rei"
      (voice-over by JK)
4:30  march out, rei in groups of 4 on exit
      (voice-over by JK)

   Kodama Jean

marching in/out order
  Senseis                 col#  shiai  shinpan
   Henmi Morihei      7D  1            s
   Kariya Yoshijiro   4D  2        4r
   Cho In Ho          3D  3            s
   Chang Jeffrey      3D  4        4w
   Yoon Brian         2D   1           s
   Kim Andrew         1D   2      3r
   Yoon Courtney      1K   3     2r
   Hahn Danielle      1K   4     2w
   Trost Jeffrey      2K    1
   Ji Daniel          3K    2     3w
   Moon Joshua        6K    3   1r
   Kim Jun Bae        0K    4   1w

Shiai demo:
  Moon Joshua - Kim Jun Bae
  Yoon Courtney - Hahn Danielle
  Kim Andrew - Ji Daniel
  Kariya Yoshijiro - Chang Jeffrey

Soran bushi
  • see matsuri page for background information
  • Thanks to Hikari Taiko's Julie Koga (with assistants Joyce Kawahata and Helen Hijiki) for teaching us soran bushi on Monday, 7/23! See video clips parts 1 2 3, with huge apologies for the horrible audio (due to the waterproof, partially soundproof case mounted on a spindley, stomp-amplifying tripod!

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