Summary for 2012

  • Happy 2012!
    We are looking forward to another great year at Norwalk Dojo. To see what happened in past years, see the archives.

  • Wed, 1/4/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm

  • Fri, 1/6/12: first regular keiko of 2012
    Welcome new kenshi: Dilag Zonna, Kim Hyo Won, Kim Taehoon.

    A quick review of dojo policies:
      - roll call at beginning of practice (be prompt!)
      - yudansha practice 1st Monday keiko
      - kata practice 2nd Monday keiko
      - monthly tournament last Mon odd, last Fri even months
      - special practices one Sunday per month
      - new members accepted on 1st Fri of odd months
      - 3kyu and above should be able to lead warm up exercises
      - 2dan and above should be able to lead kihon-dosa exercises

    Thank you so much to the moms for preparing the delicious first keiko feast, including fresh mochi and zenzai!

  • Mon, 1/9/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Sat, 1/14/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sun, 1/15/12: SCKF New Year's Party, Almansor Court, Alhambra
    Norwalk attendees include Yamaguchi sensei, Huang sensei, Fukawa sensei and Mrs Fukawa, Kodama Jean, Mr and Mrs Yoshimura, Mrs Domen, Yoon Brian, Kay, and Courtney, Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Mon, 1/16/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sun, 1/22/12: Mori Hai taikai, Wilson Park
    Norwalk participants include 0-6 kyu (Moon Joshua, Choi Daniel, Hahn Lance), 5-4 kyu (Ji Daniel), 3-1 kyu (Yoon Courtney, Hahn Danielle, Kim Christie), adult kyu (Lim Mitchell, Trost Jeffrey, Baik Ethan), 1-2 dan (Yoon Brian, Kim Andrew, Huang Michael), 3-4 dan (Hahn Rex, Kariya Yoshijiro), senior (Cho In Ho, Kodama Jean), shinpan (Huang Yung Chun, Yamaguchi Takeshi, Henmi Morihei, Kodama Jean, Yoshimura Steve). Even if you're not participating, please plan on attending to observe the competition at your peer level, not to mention cheer on Norwalk Dojo kenshi! Everyone please review the shiai page for notes.

    Congratulations to Hahn Lance, 3rd place, and Moon Joshua, honorable mention, both in 0-6 kyu (and the very first tournament trophies for each)!

  • Sat-Sun, 1/28-29/12: FIK shinpan seminar, Montreal
    Kodama Jean will be attending.

  • Sun, 1/29/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Wed, 2/1/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm

  • Mon, 2/3/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Catching up on January. Congratulations to Norwalk winners Hahn Lance (0-5 kyu), Ji Daniel (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Yoon Brian (yudansha). First place in two divisions actually went to two kenshi from Sho Tokyo: Kim Kyle (0-5 kyu) and Mizobe Ken (4-1 kyu).

  • Sat, 2/4/12: SEJSCC bingo
    Kendo has toban. The main dishes are covered, but we need more desserts. Please contact one of the officers if you can bring something.

  • Sat, 2/4/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sun, 2/5/12: Japan High School Champions, Norwalk 12:30pm
    We will be hosting a practice with three Japan High School champions from Fukuoka Ohori High School.

  • Mon, 2/6/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Fri, 2/10/12: iaido with Oda sensei
    Tonight kendo practice is cancelled. Instead we will host iaido practice with Oda sensei, iaido 8 dan hanshi from Japan.

  • Sat-Sun, 2/11-12/12: SCIA Iaido Seminar, Pasadena Bukkyokai
    Iaido seminar conducted by Oda sensei. Congratulations to Norwalk iaidoka Tekin Korhan, who successfully passed his 3 kyu shinsa test!

  • Sat, 2/11/12: Steveston taikai, Steveston
    Norwalk participants include Hahn Lance, Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Lim Mitchell, Trost Jeffrey, Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro. Norwalk boosters include Hahn Janet, Yoon Kay, Julie Ursula Yllescas, Lim Sun, Lim Derek, Lim Jennifer.

    Congratulations to trophy winners Yoon Courtney (2nd place, 11-13 years) and Kariya Yoshijiro (2nd place, 3dan division). Yoon Courtney and Hahn Danielle were members of the SCKF junior team, which placed 2nd. And Lim Mitchell, Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoon Brian, and Trost Jeffrey were members of the SCKF senior team, which made it to the quarter finals against Team Canada, which eventually won first place. Awesome job, everyone!

  • Mon, 2/13/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sun, 2/19/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Fri, 2/17/12: Nerio scholarship application
    Graduating high school seniors: please complete an application for the Center's Nerio Scholarship. It must be signed by an officer and mailed to arrive at the Center by 2/24.

  • Fri, 2/24/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Lim Mitchell (adult kyu), and Yoon Brian (yudansha).

  • Wed, 2/29/12: Whitney High School demo
    Demonstration for Japan Day for 7th graders. Participants include Henmi sensei, Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, and Amano Shingo.

  • Fri, 3/2/12: Norwalk kendo practice
    Welcome new kenshi: Chang Johnny, Perez Kiana, Cho Daniel, Cho Ryan, Moody Anthony.

  • Mon, 3/5/12: Norwalk kendo practice
    Welcome new kenshi: Perez Sonia, Kim Minyoung

    We also had yudansha practice from 9-10pm.

  • Wed, 3/7/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • kendo had minutes duty Jan-Mar and will have chair duty Apr-Jun
    • Sat 3/17 NYS Youth Banquet, about 1100 guests will be in the gym and judo dojo. Stan will clean the tarps that night and they will need to be folded Sun morning (come early before special practice)
    • Sat 4/1 Judo 80th Anniversary Tournament, John Glenn HS. Kendo had not yet submitted our donation ad, but thanks to scrambling by Yoshimura Steve sensei we submitted the ad copy the next morning.
    • Sat 4/21 Recognition Dinner will be "island style" (same as last year). Kendo is asked to prepare inari and pineapples (3-6pm).
    • Sun 4/29 Center clean up 9am-12pm. All organizations need to provide workers.
    • no smoking on the entire premises (have seen butts)
    • when using the stoves in the kitchen, be sure to turn on the hoods to avoid falsely triggering the fire sprinklers
    • when setting the alarms, be sure the building is empty (cannot rely solely on the alarm sensors). If alarm goes off, must hit reset to reset the sensors.
    • each organization is asked to fill out an information form passed out at the meeting to indicate officers, business status, etc

  • Please pay your AUSKF and SCKF federation dues
    We are now collecting federation dues for 2012. Fees are by age:
          17 and under: $39
          18 and over: $66
    Deadline is Fri Mar 9. If you cannot bring payment to the dojo by this date please email

    Note: please pay up now even if you don't think you'll be able to participate regularly until later in the year. There is no benefit to delaying (federation dues are the same whether you join now or in December). If you join now, on the other hand, your federation membership will be backdated to Jan 1, 2012. More importantly for returning yudansha, your membership will be continuous from 2011 and you will be eligible for the SCKF Championship tournaments in June and September. If you know anyone who is "missing in action", please contact them to let them know we welcome all old members back!

  • Sat, 3/10/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • Sho Tokyo Dojo has moved to Nichiren Buddhist Temple, which is close to Chuo Dojo. The new practice time is 6-9pm Wed and Fri.
    • 2012 AUSKF Junior Nationals will be held 8/3-4 (Fri-Sat) in Kent WA (tentative)
    • SCKF kata seminar will be 9/9. SCKF shinpan seminar is still tbd.
    • Nikkei Games will be held 8/26. The venue this year will be in Garden Grove (CSULB Pyramid's floor will be undergoing refinishing).
    • Nisei Week date and place still tbd, but will probably not be at Nishihonganji due to rising rates (cf Sho Tokyo)

  • Sun, 3/11/12: SCKF 4dan and above shinsa workshop, Covina Dojo
    Workshop on how to take the 4dan and above kendo practical exam. 3 dan and above: please sign up if you are seriously considering testing some time this year (which means you are already practicing toward that goal!). Norwalk attendees include Kariya Yoshijiro, Hahn Rex, Cho In Ho, Chang Jeffrey, Amano Shotaro, and Kodama Jean, along with Yamaguchi sensei and Henmi sensei. Lunch is $7 (Kariya, Kodama). Remember to set your clocks forward for daylight savings time!

  • Mon, 3/12/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Tue-Wed, 3/20-21/12: AJKF Jr High Champions
    Eight All Japan Junior High School winners will visit Southern California before going on to Washington and Northern California. OCB Dojo will host them Tuesday night; Gardena Dojo (SCKO) will host them Wednesday night.

  • Sun, 3/25/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Thanks to the kendo moms for preparing curry rice (delicious, as always!).

  • Mon, 3/26/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Hahn Lance (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha).

    The beginners practiced shiai reiho with Yang Jeanwon volunteering as motodachi.

  • Fri, 3/30/12: Support Team USA
    Tshirts, tenugui, and water bottles are available for purchase to help support Team USA. See the AUSKF Team USA page for details. Yoon Brian will be coordinating the order from Norwalk Dojo. Please place your order by Fri, 3/30.

  • Sun, 4/1/12: Industry Sheriff's Sunday practice, 8:30-10am, ULV
    Industry Sheriff's Dojo holds open practices on Sunday mornings at University of La Verne. Each month, the first Sunday practice is held in the main gym, which will be the venue for this year's SCKF spring shinsa. If you want to get in some extra kendo practice, as well as practice driving to ULV, here are some driving instructions

  • Sun, 4/1/12: Norwalk Judo Dojo 80th Anniv Taikai, John Glenn HS
    Norwalk Judo Dojo is celebrating its 80th anniversary by hosting the Shigeo Tashima Memorial Judo Tournament at John Glenn High School, 13520 Shoemaker Ave, Norwalk CA 90650. Tournament start time is 9:30am. They will also be serving their famous Asian fusion cuisine.

    We congratulate our friends at Norwalk Judo Dojo and wish them many more years of continued success!

  • Mon, 4/2/12: keiko, 7-8:30pm
    We practiced breath control (5-hit kirikaeshi in one breath), reviewed reigi, and practiced aisatsu.

  • Mon, 4/2/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm
    Practice included kirikaeshi and seme (men against de-gote).

  • Wed, 4/4/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • chair duty will no longer rotate among the clubs (Board will chair)
    • Sat 4/21 Recognition Dinner: ticket order due asap, deadline 4/14
    • Sun 4/29 Center clean up 9am-12pm
    • when closing, check faucets and toilets and close fire doors
    • new curtains will be installed 4/5. Ted Yoshimura painted the stage area, with help from Bob Hamada and Dave Fusato.
    • loose basketball equipment should be stored in the left side storage room (not the right side or by the electrical panel)
    • Camp Hanabi for kids 6-10, 7/9-13 9am-3pm, $150. Gakuen is asking for help from all organizations, and is advertising kendo (even though we are still thinking about it).
    • food stand application form for carnival passed out, due at the May meeting

  • Mon, 4/9/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm
    We held a mock examination for 3dans preparing for the spring shinsa.

  • Sat, 4/14/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sat-Sun, 4/14-15/12: AUSKF board mtg and kodansha shinsa, Seattle

  • Fri, 4/13/12: keiko
    We reviewed promotional regulations, including the skills and responsiblities expected for various ranks at Norwalk Dojo.

  • Sun, 4/15/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Thanks to the moms for preparing the delicious inari zushi and udon!

  • Fri, 4/20/12: keiko
    We reviewed shiai notes, especially reiho and tsubazeriai, including hansoku. Ato-geiko included some shiai geiko to practice for Sunday's taikai.

  • Sat, 4/21/12: Center Recognition Dinner, SEJSCC
    This year's Center recognition dinner will feature island style cuisine. And we are very proud to announce that two of the honorees are part of the Norwalk Kendo Dojo family! Tanaka Fukuyo is being honored for her long time service and commitment to the Center, and graduating high school senior Nakagawa Natsumi is receiving a Nerio Scholarship. Congratulations! We will want a big turn out to show our support and appreciation. Purchase a dinner ticket from one of the officers ($25 adults, $10 11-18, $5 10 and under).

    Also, kendo has food preparation toban (inari and pineapples) from 3-6pm. Thanks in advance to everyone for volunteering.

  • Sun, 4/22/12: North-South Taikai, Wilson Park
    Kyu divisions are by age. Norwalk participants include Hahn Lance (10 and under), Moon Joshua, Yoon Courtney, Kim Christie (11 to 13), Hahn Danielle (14 to 17), Trost Jeffrey, Lim Mitchell (adult), Yoon Brian, Kim Andrew, Huang Michael (1-2 dan), Hahn Rex, Kariya Yoshijiro, Nguyen Emil (3-4 dan), Kodama Jean (senior). Shinpan include Yamaguchi sensei, Henmi sensei, Kodama sensei, Yoshimura Steve sensei.

    Congratulations to trophy winners Hahn Lance (4th place 10 and under), Yoon Courtney (3rd place 11-13), Yoon Brian (3rd place 1-2dan), and Kodama Jean (1st place senior). Also, Yoon Courtney was a member of the SCKF women's team and Kodama Jean was a member of the SCKF kodansha team (all SCKF teams swept NCKF). Congratulations everyone!

  • Fri, 4/27/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha).

    The beginners practiced kihon shiai (modified form without motodachi).

  • Sat, 4/28/12: SCKF Spring Shinsa, Univ La Verne
    See dojo shinsa notes for information, even if you are not testing.

    Congratulations to everyone who passed their ranking exams: Ji Daniel (3kyu), Lim Steve (3kyu), Kim Christie (2kyu), Trost Jeffrey (2kyu), Lim Mitchell (2kyu), Hahn Danielle (1kyu), Yoon Courtney (1kyu), and an extra big congratulations to Kariya Yoshijiro, who passed 4dan.

    Omedeto, Kariya sensei!

  • Sun, 4/29/12: Center Clean Up, SEJSCC 9am-12pm
    Thank you to everyone who came to help with clean up: Hahn Danielle, Hahn Janet, Kariya Yoshijiro, Kim Andrew, Kim David, Kodama Jean, Nakagawa Takeshi, Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney, Yoon Kay, Yoshimura Ted (alphabetical). Thanks to all, and please let us know if we missed anyone!

    For those who weren't able to make it, there is some "homework" laundering that we could really use some help with :-).

  • Mon, 4/30/12: no keiko
    We are taking a break after two hard weekend of kendo!

  • Wed, 5/2/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • Camp Hanabi for kids 6-10, 7/9-13 9am-3pm, $150. Plans are underway, tentatively including Japanese language, crafts, cooking, shuji, kimono, hula, ondo, judo. Kendo will be Wed afternoon.
    • carnival booth application form passed out, due at the June meeting
    • new curtains were installed. Kids are not allowed on stage or to touch the curtains.
    • no gum or smoking on the premises
    • kids are also not to be left in classrooms unattended

  • Mon, 5/7/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Sat, 5/12/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • the "romanized" name on nafuda must be last name (not first name)
    • Jr Nationals: each federation will receive $1000 to support 2 or more kenshi attending the event ($500 if only 1 kenshi attending)
    • AUSKF menjo will include AUSID from now on. Replacement menjo will cost $35.
    • shinsa written tests will be English only from now on

  • Mon, 5/14/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sat, 5/19/12: Team USA send off party, Wilson Park
    To attend, sign up with Yoon Brian by 5/11. Be sure to use the recommended route (110 south, Sepulveda west, Crenshaw north) to avoid street closures for the Armed Forces Day parade.

  • Sun, 5/20/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Please arrive early to help fold the tarps from the Saturday night SEJSCC event.

  • Fri, 5/25/12: monthly dojo tournament
    This was moved from its originally scheduled date of Mon 5/21. Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Ji Daniel (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha).

    We also discussed nine items that are important components of yuko datotsu (a valid point), and passed out kendo-ku puzzle #1 (based on sudoku). This is a homework assignment in lieu of Monday keiko (no need to turn it in, just work on the puzzle and think about the terms).

  • Fri-Sun, 5/25-27/12: 15th World Kendo Championships, Novara Italy

  • Mon, 5/28/12: no practice
    Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday weekend! Go thank a vet!

  • Mon, 6/4/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Wed, 6/6/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm

  • Sat, 6/9/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sun, 6/10/12: SCKO Team Taikai, Cerritos Regional Park
    Norwalk participants (in alphabetical order) include Hahn Lance, Kim Rachel OCB, Moon Joshua (12 and under); Hahn Danielle, Ji Daniel, Kim Christie, Kim David OCB, Kim Andrew, Yoon Courtney (13-15); Chang Jeffrey, Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoon Brian (yudansha). Shinpan include Kariya sensei and Chang Jeffrey.

  • Mon, 6/11/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Mon, 6/18/12: keiko
    Thank you to Lee sensei from Chuo and Brown sensei from Torrance for practicing with us.

    We practiced suburi using just our hands (big motion, with elbows above the head) in a circle around the mirror. We also passed out another kendo-ku puzzle (based on sudoku) as a way to review the components of yuko datotsu.

  • Wed-Sun 6/20-24/12: AUSKF Iaido Camp, Tacoma WA
    Norwalk participants include Leroy Sylvain, Okuno sensei, and Yamaguchi sensei.

  • Sun, 6/24/12: SCKF Individ Champioships, Wilson Park
    Norwalk participants include Moon Joshua (0-6kyu), Yoon Courtney (3-1kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult), Kim Andrew, Huang Michael, Yoon Brian (yudansha), Huang Michael, Kodama Jean (senior). Shinpan include Henmi sensei, Kodama sensei, Kariya sensei. Kata will be performed by Lee Kookbae (5D CHUO, uchidachi) and Kariya Yoshijiro (4D NOR, shidachi). Yoon Brian will be doing the pledge of the competitors.

    Congratulations to trophy winners Trost Jeffrey (2nd place adult kyu) and Kodama Jean (3rd place senior).

  • Mon, 6/25/12: no keiko
    We assume everyone will have attended and learned from the SCKF Individual Championships on Sunday, so we're taking a break tonight.

  • Fri, 6/29/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly dojo tournament winners Kim Jun Bae (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Nakagawa Takeshi (yudansha). First place in the 0-5 kyu division actually went to Kim Kyle from Sho Tokyo (we gave him a Norwalk mug and flashlight).

    We also had cake to celebrate the SCKF Championships held last Sunday!


  • Sun, 7/8/12: SCKF youth training, Norwalk Dojo 8am
    2nd special practice for kenshi 18 and under, especially those participating in the AUSKF Jr Nationals Aug 4 in Kent WA.

  • Mon, 7/9/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm
    Note: instead of kata, some of us will break off to practice for the Camp Hanabi kendo demonstration.

  • Restricted parking Mondays 7/9, 7/16, and 7/23
    Ondo practice for the cultural festival will be conducted in the front parking lot on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30pm. For Monday keiko, please do not park in the area by the ondo circle, and be careful of the ondo participants, especially small children.

  • Wed, 7/11/12: kendo session at Camp Hanabi, 1:30-2:30pm
    We will be putting on a kendo demonstration followed by a brief kendo lesson for the kids (see details including camp schedule).

    Thank you and tsukaresama to everyone who helped put on the demonstration and lesson: Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, Chang Jeffrey, Nakagawa Takeshi, Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney, Ji Daniel, Kim Jun Bae. By all accounts we were a big hit!

  • Sat, 7/14/12: Silk and Thunder Concert, Anaheim, 6:30pm
    Concert featuring Japanese taiko, Chinese dancers, and Korean dancers and drumming, If you are interested, we have some spare tickets ($3 per person).

  • Sat, 7/14/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm
    Preceding the meeting, from 5-7pm, will be a review and keiko session for SCKF members attending the AUSKF summer camp shinsa.

  • Sun, 7/15/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Fri-Sun, 7/20-22/12: AUSKF Kendo Camp, UNLV, Las Vegas
    The headquarters hotel is Golden Nugget (also the pick up point for $10/day shuttle bus), but you are free to choose your own hotel (some Norwalk members are staying at the Trump International and Blackstone hotels). Schedule summary: Fri 4pm bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon-waza keiko-ho; Seminar Sat 9-3:30, Sun 9-11:30; Sat night party at Makino's; Shinsa Sun 1:30pm for 1kyu-7dan (must attend camp).

    Norwalk participants include Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, Cho In Ho, Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney, Yoon Kay.

  • Sun, 7/22/12: SCKF youth training, Norwalk Dojo 8am
    3rd special practice for kenshi 18 and under, especially those participating in the AUSKF Jr Nationals Aug 4 in Kent WA.

  • Mon, 7/23/12: monthly dojo tournament, soran bushi
    Congratulations to monthly dojo tournament winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Chang Jeffrey (yudansha). We also had kihon shiai (with an official scoring tree) for the beginners. Congratulations to winner Kim Minyoung, but all the beginners did really well!

    After the monthly dojo tournament, Julie Koga of Hikari Taiko conducted a training session on soran bushi. A good time was had by all, not to mention a great work out! Thank you so much to Julie and her assistants Joyce Kawahata and Helen Hijiki.

  • Fri, 7/27/12: carnival demo rehearsal and booth prep
    No keiko tonight, as the gym will be set up for the weekend (tarps, tables, chairs, etc). Those performing in the kendo demonstration will meet to rehearse on the tarp. Other dojo members will be helping with food and booth preparation.

  • Sat-Sun, 7/28-29/12: SEJSCC Carnival (aka Cultural Festival)
    This is our big extended dojo event where we need help from all family members, friends, past members, etc, to prepare for and operate our carnival booths on 7/28 and 7/29. Set up and booth duty shifts are now posted. See flyer for general festival schedule for both days. We will put on a kendo demonstration on Saturday at 4pm

  • Mon, 7/30/12: post-carnival clean up, 7pm
    No keiko, but please come to help clean up and return supplies and equipment to the storage room.

  • Mon 7/30 - Fri 8/10: no keiko
    The gym will be unavailable due to the annual gym floor refinishing following the carnival.

  • Wed, 8/1/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • the cultural festival was discussed
      - inspectors came prior to start and there were a few problems: kitchen sink should be for prep only (no washing dishes or hands); dango mix preparers didn't have hair nets; ice chest for sushi wasn't cold enough
      - food should not be stored at room temperature, next time should request space in the refrigerator truck
      - booth set up was a problem: need accurate layout provided much earlier (approve at the July operating meeting); inventory all booth materials ahead of time; all groups arrive at the same time to set up (easier if adjustments needed);
      - obstruction problems: gakuen booth combined with spectator chairs obstructed path to front building entrance; dango pick up line created congestion which obstructed path to back building entrance;
      - need to obey all posted signs (hand washing stations, putting trash in dumpster) and keep all booths clean (pick up trash and fallen tickets, etc)
      - expect inspectors every year
      - we will discuss details again in December. Jean Kodama volunteered to work on booth layout (will get current sketch from Linda Kusuda).
      - all groups please submit 1/3 of proceeds to the Center asap
    • pancake breakfast and boutique will be 10/13. The gym will be closed Fri 10/12 for set up. Need volunteers from all groups to man the cashier table. Picked up a book of pancake breakfast tickets.
    • Camp Hanabi was a huge success. Thanks given to all groups who helped, along with thank you cards.
    • bathrooms continue to have incidents. Checklists will be put up; please check and sign so incident time can be pinpointed.
    • no food or drinks in gym except water (and even with this be careful, since the stain is water soluble). Floor has some permanent scratches and stains near the wall.
    • Dave Iguchi of NYS installed new stage storage hatch doors

  • Sat, 8/4/12: AUSKF Jr Nationals, Kent WA
    Open tournament for 18 and under. Potential team members must attend SCKF special training sessions hosted by Norwalk on 7/1, 7/8, 7/22, plus Torrance on 7/28.

    Congratulations to Yoon Courtney for winning 2nd place in the 13 and under girls division! Way to go!

  • Sat, 8/4/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Mon, 8/6/12: equipment session, 8-9pm in judo room
    No keiko due to gym floor refinishing, but we will have a session on the wearing and care of keikogi/hakama and bogu. This is for beginners (whether already wearing these or not) and their parents, as well as any kenshi who missed taking the keikogi/hakama folding and shinai nakayui untying/retying tests (or who want to review).

    We will also need senior kyu and yudansha kenshi (especially 3 dans) to come help!

    The session will be held from 8pm to 9pm in the judo/karate dojo, which is in the northwest corner of the building. Park on the north side of the building (past the dumpster). Be sure to review the pages on equipment and promotion.

  • Fri-Sun, 8/10-12/12: Kanto Gakuren visit
    A delegation of 20 university students from the Kanto region of Japan will be visiting, led by Sato Nariaki sensei and Maeda Masaru sensei. See info on godo geiko, goodwill matches, and dinners.

  • Sun, 8/12/12: Nisei Week Taikai, Fountain Valley HS
    Deadline to sign up is 7/28. This year the divisions have been swapped, and Nisei Week will be for yudansha and adult kyu to accommodate a visit by college students from Kanto Gakuren. Norwalk participants include Lim Mitchell, Kariya Yoshijiro. Shinpan include Yamaguchi sensei, Henmi sensei, and Kariya sensei.

  • Mon, 8/13/12: keiko and yudansha practice
    This will be our first keiko after the floor refinishing. We'll also have yudansha practice after first keiko.

  • Sat-Sun, 8/18-19/12: NOR trip to San Diego
    The arrangements have been confirmed! We will join SDKB's Sat keiko at noon, and on Sunday we will go climbing at the Vertical Hold indoor climbing gym. See trip notes for details.

  • Mon, 8/20/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sun, 8/26/12: Nikkei Games, Next Level Sports Complex, Garden Grove
    This year the divisions have been swapped due to Kanto Gakuren's visit during Nisei Week, and the Nikkei Games will be for youth individual competition, kyu team, and kachinuki team (adult kyu and 30 and over yudansha up to 3dan). Norwalk participants include Hahn Lance (10 and under); Moon Joshuna (11-13); Ji Daniel, Hahn Danielle (14-15); Trost Jeffrey, Huang Michael, Nakagawa Takeshi (kachinuki team). Shinpan include Henmi sensei, Kodama Jean, Yoshimura Steve, Kariya Yoshijiro. Volunteers include Fu Linda, Yoshimura Ted.

  • Fri, 8/31/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Ji Daniel (4-1 kyu), Lim Mitchell (adult kyu), and Domen Sumi (yudansha). First place in the adult kyu division actually went to Paik Tom from Costa Mesa Dojo (we gave him a Norwalk tenugui).

  • Sun, 9/2/12: Industry Sheriff's Sunday practice, 8:30-10am, ULV
    Since there was no keiko on Labor Day Monday, several of us joined Industry Sheriff's open practice at University of La Verne (Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney).

  • Mon, 9/3/12: no keiko (Labor Day)
    Enjoy the last holiday of the summer!

  • Wed, 9/5/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • Mr Yoshimura will be cleaning out classroom #1 before the coming weekend
    • NYS Rascals basketball program (5-7 year olds) is starting this Sunday. Gakuen is handing out flyers; kendo can too.
    • 10/14 Richard needs help folding gym tarps at 7am, before our special practice
    • membership dues handout from the Board includes details such as:
      - membership is by family, $10 per month or $100 per year
      - life membership if make $1000 donation to SEJSCC
      - coaches and instructors are exempt from membership (but if join another group, must pay dues through that group)
      - seniors 65 and older in the Nikkei Seniors Club are exempt (but if join another group, must pay dues through that group)
    • turned in carnival check and coupons to Richard, pancake breakfast check (payable to Norwalk Youth Sports) to Lynn

  • Fri, 9/7/12: SEJSCC special meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    The Board of Directors met with officers from the various clubs (especially treasurers) to discuss tax issues. Thank you to Hahn Janet and Yoshimura Ted for attending on behalf of the dojo.

  • Sat, 9/8/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • Nikkei Games: Inouye sensei asked us to pass along his thanks to Fu Linda for helping keep score, especially for the special kachinuki prizes (most points and most wins). Hopefully next year we can return to the CSULB Pyramid (Next Step had problems with parking, seating, and no AC).
    • SCKF will hold monthly junior training practices for 18 and under (for Oct-Dec they will be the first Sunday of each month at Silverado Park, 1545 W 31st St, Long Beach 90810 from 8:30am-noon)
    • SCKF will host Kamei sensei from Japan to hold SCKF-only seminar (including kihon kata) either th 1st or 2nd weekend in November
    • SCKF will join with other So Cal federations to host Nakata sensei Dec 8-9 (during the last leg of the AUSKF education tour)

  • Sun, 9/9/12: SCKF Kata Seminar, Cov 9am-5pm
    The seminar was led by Yamaguchi sensei, assisted by Henmi sensei and other 7 dan sensei. Norwalk participants included Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi, Chang Jeffrey, Cho In Ho.

  • Sun, 9/9/12: NYS Rascals Program registration
    Thank you to Fu Linda for coming up with kendo promotional flyers to hand out to families signing up for Rascals basketbal (5-7 years). We need more little kids!

  • Mon, 9/10/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Sun, 9/16/12: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Thanks so much to the moms for the delicious pork rib stew!

  • Sun, 9/23/12: SCKF Team Championships, Wilson Park
    Norwalk team members are youth team: Hahn Lance, Moon Joshua, Ji Daniel; adult team: Lim Mitchell, Trost Jeffrey; women's team: Yoon Courtney, Domen Sumi, Hahn Danielle; yudansha team: Kim Andrew, Yoon Brian, Chang Jeffrey, Domen Sumi, Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoshimura Steve. Shinpan include Henmi sensei, Kodama Jean, Yoshimura Steve, Kariya Yoshijiro.

    Congratulations to 3rd place women's team (Yoon Courtney, Domen Sumi, Hahn Danielle) and 3rd place yudansha team (Kim Andrew, Yoon Brian, Chang Jeffrey, Domen Sumi, Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoshimura Steve)! Way to go!

    Also, thanks so much to Yoon Brian for setting up his canopy and to the moms for serving up the great sandwich assembly line for lunch. Norwalk is the undisputed champion of tailgate parties!

  • Mon, 9/24/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Nakagawa Takeshi (yudansha).

  • Mon, 9/24/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm
    This was postponed a week to accommodate team training for the SCKF Championships.

  • Fri, 9/28/12: keiko

    Welcome new member: Kim Matthew.


  • Mon, 10/1/12: keiko
    Thank you to Shoraku sensei, Takahashi sensei, and other members of Costa Mesa Dojo for joining us for keiko and yudansha practice! Many thanks also to Ra Richard of Costa Mesa Dojo for bringing drinks.

    Welcome new members: Kim Sun, Kim Ashley, Kim Alvin.

  • Fri, 10/5/12: passing of Yamaguchi Takeshi sensei
    Yamaguchi sensei collapsed at Norwalk Dojo tonight, and unfortunately efforts to revive him were not successful. We are devastated to lose such a wonderful sensei, who has been with Norwalk Dojo since its inception in 1964. He was greatly respected not only throughout Southern California but across the United States.

    Norwalk Dojo will be closed for practices next week. Funeral services will be held Monday, 10/15/12 (see link for details).

  • Mon 10/8/12, Fri 10/12/12: classroom memorial for Yamaguchi sensei
    Norwalk Dojo has put up a memorial for Yamaguchi sensei in the room where he collapsed. There will not be keiko, but the memorial will be open during our regular practice times (Mon 7-8:30pm and Fri 7:30-9pm) if you would like to bring flowers and/or pictures of Yamaguchi sensei (please no candles). There will also be a poster board to write your thoughts and prayers for Yamaguchi sensei and his family.

    The classroom memorial will also be open on Mon 10/15/12 during the reception at Norwalk Dojo after the funeral.

  • Sat, 10/13/12: SEJSCC boutique and NYS pancake breakfast

  • Sat, 10/13/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sun, 10/14/12: special kata practice, 8-10am
    We are having a special kata practice for yudansha participating in the shinkyu shinsa.

  • Mon, 10/15/12: funeral for Yamaguchi sensei, 11am, Rose Hills
    Funeral services for Yamaguchi sensei will be held at Rose Hills on October 15, 2012 from 11am to 12pm, followed by a graveside service See link for details.

    We will also be hosting a reception at Norwalk Dojo following the services. We will need a lot of help preparing the food and the program, and also with clean up afterward. See the planning page for details.

  • Sun, 10/21/12: SCKF Fall Shinsa, Wilson Park
    See dojo shinsa notes for information, even if you are not testing.

    Congratulations to everyone who passed their ranking exams: Lim Jennifer (5kyu), Moon Joshua (5kyu), Hahn Lance (5kyu), Kim Andrew (2dan), Huang Michael (2dan), Takeshi Nakagawa (3dan), and an extra big congratulations to Chang Jeffrey, who passed 4dan.

    Omedeto, Chang sensei!

  • Mon, 10/22/12: no keiko
    We will take a break to recover from the shinsa and the last couple of weeks.

  • Fri, 10/26/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Moon Joshua (0-5 kyu), Ji Daniel (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Amano Shotaro (yudansha).

  • Fri, 11/2/12: farewell party for Koh sensei

    Koh sensei will be returning to Taiwan permanently around the second weekend in November. Tonight we ended keiko early so we could host a farewell party for him at the dojo. Thanks to Shikai Masashi sensei, Shikai Yuriko sensei, and Olson Brian sensei for also attending, and many thanks as always to the moms for planning and preparing the food!

    Koh sensei, we wish you well, and thank you for your many years of service to the dojo!

  • Sat, 11/3/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Mon, 11/5/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Wed, 11/7/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm
    Brief excerpts:
    • Sun 12/2 general meeting from 12-2pm, each organization to give a brief report. Kendo ordered 5 obento.
    • kendo has bingo toban in Jan, need to give provide asap
    • carnival registration form passed out, all groups serving food and beverages need to turn in at the Jan operating board meeting 1/2. Carnival will be 7/27-28. This will be the 50th one; suggestions are solicited.
    • NYS is already under the Center tax id; kendo and judo to be added if possible (need to provide income/expense/balance sheet). Dean recommending an accounting firm experienced with nonprofits for consultation.

  • Sat-Sun, 11/10-11/11: Kamei sensei seminar, Wilson Park
    SCKF is inviting Kamei Toru sensei from Kumamoto ken to conduct a seminar this weekend. Sat 9am - 12pm is for yudansha (seme and waza). Sat 1pm - 4pm is for 2kyu and above (kihon kata, bring bokken). Sun 8:30am - 12pm is for everyone (basics for all levels). Sun 1pm - 2:45pm is godo keiko (maybe just yudansha, since it will be in MPR).

    Bento orders ($8): Sat 5 (Henmi, Kodama, Kariya, Yoon, Yoon), Sun 3 (Kodama, Kariya). Dinner party rsvp ($20): Kodama, Kariya, Fu.

  • Sun, 11/11/12: no special practice
    Conflicts with SCKF seminar.

  • Mon, 11/12/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Fri, 11/23/12: godo geiko, 7:30-9pm
    No regular keiko due to Thanksgiving holiday. However we will host godo geiko (open practice) for all in full bogu. Come burn off those post-turkey calories!

  • Mon, 11/26/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Kim Jun Bae (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Lim Mitchell (adult kyu), and Domen Sumi (yudansha).

  • Fri, 11/30/12: SEJSCC release forms due
    If you haven't already, please sign the new release of liability form for the Center. Parents of minors must also sign a consent for medical treatment form for minors. The Center created the forms in mid-Septermber, and will be collecting the forms at the 12/2 general meeting.

  • Sat, 12/1/12: SCKF board meeting, Chuo 7:30pm

  • Sun, 12/2/12: SEJSCC general meeting, 12-2pm
    We ordered 5 obento.

  • Mon, 12/3/12: monthly kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Wed, 12/5/12: SEJSCC meeting, karaoke room 7pm

  • Fri, 12/7/12: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Kim Jun Bae (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), and Amano Shotaro (yudansha).

  • Sat-Sun, 12/8-9/12: AUSKF Nakata sensei tour, Torrance
    2012 AUSKF Education Tour: seminar with Nakata Yuji sensei, former Vice Chief Instructor of Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Sat 9am-4pm at Wilson Park, Sun 9am-12pm at Saxon Hall, dinner party Sat 6pm. Bring bokuto on Sat for bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho.

  • Sun, 12/9/12: no special practice
    cancelled due to lack of instructors

  • Mon, 12/10/12: yudansha practice, 9-10pm

  • Mon, 12/17/12: last 2012 practice

  • Fri, 12/21/12: NOR Christmas party, 5-10pm
    - Dec: sign ups for potluck begin
    - 5pm set up by dojo members
    - 7pm guests arrive
    - 7:30pm start party

    Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the party a success (especially the moms, who always take care of us all year long). The food was great (as usual!), and a good time was had by all.

    Congratulations to kenshi who received special awards at the party: monthly tournament winners Moon Joshua (0-5kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), and Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha); good attendance Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney, Ji Daniel, and Moody Anthony; and sensei's pick for Steveston Taikai Kariya Yoshijiro and Chang Jeffrey See 2012 taikai summary. Also, congratulations again to everyone who received new ranks in the May and October shinsas.

    And thank you to Trost Jeffrey for being MC, to Domen Sumi for slideshows for Yamaguchi sensei and Norwalk activities, to Sumi again for planning/running the games, and to Mrs Horii (TOR) for her wonderful photographs.

  • Mon-Mon, 12/24-31/12: no practice (Christmas break)
    Enjoy the holidays! Also see SCKF holiday schedule for other dojo's schedules.

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