Whitney High School Kendo Demonstration 2/29/12

Norwalk Kendo Dojo has been asked to put on a kendo demonstration for Whitney High School's Japan Day for 7th graders.

WHS Japan Day summary

  • date Wed 2/29/12
  • joint project between the Japanese language, English, and social studies departments
    • social studies: learned history and culture of Japan
    • English class: read "Master Puppeteer"
  • schedule
     8:00a  attend regularly scheduled 2nd period class
     8:45a     "       "         "     3rd   "   "
     9:45a     "       "         "     4th   "   " 
            volunteers start preparing lunches
    10:35a  snack
    10:45a  7th graders to the gym for assembly
    11:45a  7th graders to MPR area (lunch and displays)
    12:35p  7th graders to gym for Kokoro Kara Club show
    12:50p  Japanese dance lesson (Fujima Kansei Odori Kai?)
     1:25p  Kendo demonstration
     1:50p  7th graders to MPR area (presentations, awards)

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Kendo demonstration brief notes

- participants and notation
  HS (Henmi sensei)
  JK (Kodama Jean)
  YK (Kariya Yoshijiro)
  SA (Amano Shingo)
  [ ] indicates parallel activity
- JK: meet Oyama sensei 12:30pm for mike and changing room
- HS,YK,SA arrive 12:50pm to change and gather
- rough outline of demonstration
  - walk in, line up on "shomen" side 
    [NKD and SEJSCC intro by Oyama sensei]
  - all stand in line; ritsu-rei; JK introduce
  - HS,YK,SA seiza, mokuso, zarei 
    [JK opening remarks]
  - kihondosa by YK and SA, directed by JK 
    [HS put on men]
  - JK slow motion demo of points on HS 
    [YK,SA put on men]
  - uchikomi demo: YK and SA, directed by JK
    basic:   (SA) M,K     (YK) D, fast M   (SA) fast K,D
    renzoku: (YK) KM, KMD (SA) KMDM, KMDMM
    hiki:    (YK) M       (SA) K           (YK) D
    M ni taisuru: (SA) kaeshi D  (YK) debana K
                  (SA) kaeshi M  (YK) suriage M
    K ni taisuru: (SA) kaeshi M  (YK) nuki M
                  (SA) suriage M (YK) ai KM
  - kirikaeshi and kakarigeiko: SA then YK on HS
    [JK direct each part (whistle)]
  - JK iaido demo 
    [HS remove men, YK,SA put on tasuki]
  - shiai geiko: YK vs SA, shinpan HS 
    [JK commentary and timekeeping]
  - JK conclusion
    [HS,YK,SA seiza, remove men; mokuso, zarei]
  - all stand in line; ritsu-rei; pick up bogu and exit

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