Planning Notes for Yamaguchi Sensei's Funeral and Reception

Funeral services will be held for Yamaguchi sensei on Monday, 10/15/12 (see info). This page documents our preparation efforts.
Check back frequently, as this page will be updated continously!

Funeral notes

Funeral roster:

  Early history/eulogy      Later history/eulogy
    Arthur Murakami           Brian Olson

  Pallbearers               Honorary pallbearers
    Masashi Yamaguchi         Morihei Henmi
    Mitsuru Yamaguchi         Jean Kodama
    Hiro Yamaguchi            Mike Yoshimura
    Takeshi Nakagawa          Steve Yoshimura
    Brian Yoon                Hiroyoshi Hosokawa
    Yuji Hosokawa             Spencer Hosokawa
    Brian Olson               Richard Hill
    Dennis Ralutin

    Linda Fu                  Kayoko Fukumoto
    Sumi Domen                Sayoko Niizawa
    Jeffrey Chang             Kazunori Kobayashi
    Shotaro Amano             Yoko Kobayashi

  Floral registrars
    Yu Hamamura               Shiho Suzuki

    Takeo Takanashi           Satoshi Tauchi
    Yoshijiro Kariya          Richard Ra
Duty details:
  • Arrive at the chapel at 10am to go over duties and questions. Chapel will be available for set up 10:30 am. Rose Hills will provide:
    • tables, registry book, pens
    • 8 pairs of gloves for the pallbearers
    • 15 boutonnieres for the pallbearers and honorary pallbearers
    We will need to bring
    • programs [EY]
    • maps from Rose Hills to Norwalk Dojo [KT]
    • extra supplies (pens, paper, rubber bands) [EY]
  • Receptionists are responsible for receiving and cataloguing cards and koden. Two need to be on duty during the service. There will be a system with each receptionist being assigned a unique letter (A-H) and recording 10 envelopes per sheet. Make sure to get names and addresses. See instructions and worksheets.
  • Floral registrars are responsible for recording and photographing floral arrangements
  • Ushers will seat the attendees. The only designated areas are family at front left and pallbearers and honorary pallbearers front right. Special assistance should be provided to the elderly, both at the chapel and the burial (bumpy grass can be hazardous).
  • After the service, the pallbearers will carry the casket from the stage area to the hearse. Honorary pallbearers will follow behind. Flowers will be transported to the burial site by Rose Hills.
  • At the burial area, the pallbearers will carry the casket to the gravesite. Ushers will pick flowers from arrangements and hand out to attendees to place on casket. Some arrangements should be left intact so they can be taken to Norwalk Dojo [BO, DR].

Reception notes


  Food chair: Mrs Domen     Program chair: Jean Kodama
  Members (alphabetical):   Other shairs:
    Mrs Amano                 Mr Yoshimura (set up)
    Linda Fu                  Kay Kim (decorations)
    Janet Hahn                Sumi Domen (slideshow)
    Mrs Hamamura              Linda Fu (signs)
    Kay Kim
    Min Young Kim 
    Gina Moon
    Mrs Nagasawa 
    Mr & Mrs Shibata
    Mrs Tanaka 
    Jung Soo Yoon
    Mrs Yoshimura  

Program (start approx 2pm, following graveside services)

  • MC: Jean Kodama
  • introduction of family and guests from out of town
  • telegrams (?)
  • selected speakers (1min each)
    one each from major groups/regions, tentatively:
    (will need to finalize that day)
  • slide show (1min)
  • open mike for others wishing to speak
  • more slide shows (1min each), interspersed with speakers
  • set finish time so we can end and clean up

Judo room notes

  • NYS has offered to clean the tables/chairs and leave them in place following their pancake breakfast on Saturday
  • Several yudansha will come in Sunday 7:30am to put away tarps in gym, practice kata for shinsa, and start arranging tables and chairs in the judo room
  • NOR food committee and decorating committee will come in Sunday 5pm and early Monday
  • Mr Yoshimura will be in charge of setting up reception area (layout, PA, podium, reception table)
  • Sumi Domen is preparing a slide show that will run continuously before and after the program. Dennis Ralutin is preparing 1-minute slideshows to show between sets of speakers.
  • Linda Fu is in charge of signage
  • Reception table has been set up in the hall corner between the front door and the hallway leading to the judo room
  • Receptionists (2 per shift) should be in place by 1pm to cover those not attending the graveside services
  • The head table is along the north wall. The family may choose to park on that side and enter through the northeast doors.

Misc notes

  • You may carpool from Norwalk Dojo to Rose Hills (make your own arrangements). Plan on leaving no later than 9:30am to get there by 10.
  • Mrs Horii will take photographs at the funeral and reception

Remaining Tasks
(also search for "?" on this page)

who task
    fv to borrow and set up projector
BO  fv for reception table at the reception
JK  record names of those at the head table

  fv  means "find volunteer(s)"

initials (alphabetical):
  BO  Brian Olson
  BY  Brian Yoon
  DR  Dennis Ralutin
  EY  Elaine Yamaguchi
  JK  Jean Kodama
  KT  Korhan Tekin
  LF  Linda Fu

If anyone or anything is missing, please let us know!

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