SEJSCC Camp Hanabi Kendo Demonstration 7/10/13

Norwalk Kendo Dojo has been asked to put on a kendo demonstration and basic kendo lesson at Camp Hanabi, the Southeast Japanese School and Community Center's week-long camp for 5- to 10-year-olds.

If anyone has small shinai, eg size 36 or 37, please bring them to the dojo (we can fix "lightly broken" ones) - just so we have something for the camp kids to swing.

Kendo Demonstration Notes


  • yudansha:
    Henmi Morihei (MH), Kodama Jean (JK), Kariya Yoshijiro (YK), Yoon Brian (BY), Yoon Courtney (CY)
  • kyu:
    Ji Daniel (DJ), Kim Soung Bae (SB), Moon Joshua (JM), Kim Jun Bae (JB), Kim Matthew (MK)
  • everyone please arrive at the dojo by 12:30pm to set up and change into bogu
  • set up: sweep gym, 50 NOR tenugui to pass out, camp shinai (33, 36, 37), 11 big cones
  • handle five groups with 10 kids per group
    total by age: 5 yr (11), 6 yr (11), 7 yr (14), 8 yr (10), 9 yr (2), 10 yr (2)
    groups: A=10-5y, B=1-5y plus 9-6y, C=2-6y plus 8-7y, D=6-7y plus 4-8y, E=6-8y plus 2-9y plus 2-10y (when splitting an age group, do it by height)
Demonstration outline
[ ] indicates parallel activity
1 line up behind mens (yudansha north side, kyu south side)
2 JK "kiritsu" (step in front of mens, face audience), JK "rei"
3 line up behind mens; BY "chakuza, mokuso, naore, rei"
  [JK greetings, remarks (no introductions)]
4 JK direct kihondosa by all minus YK
  M, K, D, suburi, hayasuburi 30x
  [YK put on men]
5 JK slow motion demo of points on YK 
  [everyone else put on men]
6 uchikomi demo: YK and BY, directed by JK
  basic:   (BY) big M,K,D  (YK) fast M,K,D,M
  renzoku: (BY) KM, KMD    (YK) KMDM, KMDMM
  M ni taisuru: (YK) debana K  (BY) kaeshi D
  K ni taisuru: (YK) kaeshi M  (BY) nuki M
7 uchikomi: motodachi MH, YK, BY
  1st row JM JB MK, 2nd row CY DJ SB
  kirikaeshi (rotate)
  3M (rotate), 3KM (rotate), 3KD (rotate)
  kakari geiko (rotate)
  [JK direct each part]
8 JK conclusion
  [all seiza, remove men; BY "mokuso, naore, rei"]
9 JK "kiritsu", all face audience, JK "rei"

Kendo Lesson Notes
- one yudansha per group as teacher
- one kyu per group as leader/model (1/2) and motodachi (3/4)
1  seiretsu (two rows by groups)
1a   pass out tenugui
1b   seiza, mokuso, naore, rei
1c   fold tenugui, put on
2  kamae and ashi sabaki
2a   pressed hands (ph) kamae
2b   taigatame sankyodo 
2c   cones; footwork in two lines, out then return faster
     run out and return with kiai
     footwork out with kiai, then return with kiai
2d   relay race (cones set by average height per group)
     [kyu put on men]
3  men uchi sankyodo
3a   sankyodo/ph in two lines (after my count "ichi-ni-san")
3b   sankyodo/ph to motodachi, one at a time per group
       point fingers at chin
     [get shinai (sh)]
3c   men uchi sankyodo/sh on motodachi ("men")
4  men uchi
4a   men/ph in two lines, out then return (CY lead)
4b   men/ph to motodachi, one at a time per group, out then return
4c   men/sh to motodachi, one at a time per group, out then return
4d   relay race (hand off sh)
5  seiretsu (two rows by groups), dan/kyu one line facing kids
5a   men tore
5b   seiza, mokuso, naore, rei
5c   closing remarks, rei

Camp Hanabi general notes

This is the second year the Southeast Japanese School and Community Center will put on its Camp Hanabi Japanese cultural camp for kids aged 5-10. It will be held July 8-12 (Monday-Friday) from 9am-3pm at the Center (see camp schedule).

$150 includes five days of language, culture, crafts, and sports activities plus a camp tshirt. Please pass this along to friends and family (deadline to register is 6/20).

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