Kendo Demonstration Notes

  • volunteers: Kodama Jean 6D (JK), Kariya Yoshijiro 4D (YK), Nguyen Emil 4D (EN), Domen Sumi 3D (SD), Yoon Courtney 1D (CY)
  • everyone please arrive at the dojo by 12:25pm to set up, change into bogu, and review
  • set up: sweep gym, ready camp shinai and 10 cones
  • general plan
    • 15-20min demo
    • 10-15min ph kamae, ashisabaki, men
    • rest of time in groups to try men uchi
  • four groups by age
    5 yr (9) and 6 yr (12): SD and CY
    7 yr (12): JK
    8 yr (11): YK
    9-10 yr (10): EN
Demonstration outline
[ ] indicates parallel activity
1 kids come in, take off shoes, line up by group, 2 rows
  we line up behind mens facing kids
2 JK "rei", introductions
3 CY "chakuza, mokuso, naore, rei"
  [JK greetings, remarks]
4 JK direct kihondosa by all
  M, K, D, sayu-M, suburi, hayasuburi 30x
4 JK direct footwork by all minus YK
  no kiai, kiai, M, KM
  [YK put on men]
5 JK slow motion demo of points on YK 
  [everyone else put on men]
6 uchikomi demo: pair YK/EN, SD/CY, directed by JK
  basic:   big M,K,D,T; fast M,K,D,M,T
  renzoku: KM, KMD
  M ni taisuru: debana K; kaeshi D
  K ni taisuru: kaeshi M; nuki M
7 typical keiko demo: pair YK/EN, SD/CY, directed by JK
  kirikaeshi (rotate)
  2x M,K,D,KM,KD (rotate)
  keiko (rotate)
  kakari geiko (rotate)
  [JK direct each part]
8 JK conclusion
  [all seiza, remove men; CY "mokuso, naore, rei"]
9 JK "kiritsu", all face audience, JK "rei"

Kendo Lesson Notes
1  seiretsu (standing), rei ("onegaishimasu")
2  ph kamae, ashi sabaki, men
     pressed hands (ph) kamae
     taigatame sankyodo 
     footwork in two lines, out then return faster
     footwork out with kiai, then kiai back
     men out, then men back
3  men uchi (in groups)
     demonstrate sequence
       ph men (hands touch kote 2x, go thru, repeat back)
       shinai men (left hand touch kote 2x, go thru actual men,
         repeat back)
     break up into 4 groups
4  seiretsu (standing)
   (men tore while kids line up)
   closing remarks
   rei ("arigato gozaimashita")

Camp Hanabi general notes

This is the third year the Southeast Japanese School and Community Center will put on its Camp Hanabi Japanese cultural camp for kids aged 5-10. It will be held July 7-11 (Monday-Friday) from 9am-3pm at the Center (see camp schedule).

$175 includes five days of language, culture, crafts, and sports activities plus a camp tshirt. Please pass this along to friends and family (deadline to register is 6/17).

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