Norwalk Dojo 50th Anniversary Tournament Program Notes

this page provides raw data for the tournament program; actual format tbd

  • an early version of this information was captured to the booklet
  • will continue to be adjusted up through tournament day
  • see tournament set up page for further details such as head table guests, etc


(The sound of the taiko will officially open this tournament)
Master of Ceremonies: Takeshi Nakagawa

National Anthem

Opening Address by President of Norwalk Dojo
Brian Yoon

Greetings from Southern California Kendo Federation
Masashi Shikai

Greetings from Southeast Japanese School and Community Center
Bob Yamada

Greetings from Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California
Yoshio Aoki

Greetings from Yamaguchi family
Hiro Yamaguchi

Greetings from Hara family
Akemi Cardon

Introduction of Guests
Takeshi Nakagawa

Pledge of the Competitors
Courtney Yoon

Iaido Demonstration
Isamu Okuno, 5 Dan
Dennis Ralutin, 4 Dan

Tournament Rules
Jean Kodama

Kachinuki Sen Tournament (1pt shobu, 1½ min, 30 sec extension)
Youth Kyu (17 and under)
Adult Kyu (18 and over)
1 Dan to 4 Dan

Ko-Haku Shiai (3pt shobu, 2 min, no extension)
5 Dan and Above

Presentation of Awards
Youth Kyu: 5th ... 1st
Adult Kyu: 5th ... 1st
1D-4D: 5th ... 1st
Special prizes: 2 wins, 3 or more wins
Special gifts: court duty, shinpan, kenshi

Closing Address by Head Instructor of Norwalk Dojo
Jean Kodama

Group Photos
Norwalk current and former members
Add participants and guests

End Tournament

Tournament Officials

Tournament Chairs
Masanori Saito
Jean Kodama

Tournament Vice-Chairs
Mike Yoshimura
Steve Yoshimura
Takeo Takanashi
Yoshijiro Kariya
Jeffrey Chang
Yu Hamamura
Emil Nguyen
Sumi Domen

Chief Judge
Masashi Shikai

Court Judges
Kazuharu Arima
Katsuo Chinen
Takao Shoraku

5 dan and above

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