Norwalk Dojo 50th Anniversary History Exhibit Notes

chair: Jean Kodama, Linda Fu

Ideas for history exhibit

  • general thoughts
    • use entrance hall at front doors, see hallway sketch
    • independent vignettes (very flexible, timeline would be less flexible)
    • historically significant or interesting items
    • expanded historical material
    • interactive items (touch, mark, write, stickers)
    • move into gym for dinner party?
  • specific thoughts
    1. big roster listing, attendees can put gold star by their names
    2. big group photo prints, attendees can mark/identify who's who
      choose very large group photos with more than Norwalk kenshi present
      1. 69_nor_pbc_cov.jpg

        see notes
      2. 82_hara_8d_group.jpg

        see notes
      3. 98_ajkf.jpg

        see notes

    3. old to new building collage
      old building 1964-1977

      see notes

      see notes

      gym 1977-1984

      see notes

      gym with building annex 1984-present
      (need some photos)

    4. West Coast kendo history with framed photo of Nakamura sensei

      framed photo is 9.6"W x 11.75"H
      print/bind pages from Hokubei Kendo Taikan
      - first page color (includes photo of spines)
      - total approx 50 pages
      - bind and punch hole to secure
      - print pages from the following files:
        v0_0 p1-13, v1_630 p1-3, v1_688 all, v2_1 p1-13,
        v2_517 all, v3_62 all, v3_89 all
      - bookmark interesting sections

    5. Hara sensei 8dan bogu, framed photo, tenugui

      framed photo is 11.2"W x 16.2"H

    6. 9 Norwalk tenugui (only missing 1970, if it even existed)
      • Kodama: 1975 (rust hole), 1980; also have unopened 1985, 1990
      • Yoshimura: 1985 to 2010
      • new 2015
      • each approx 38" wide by 13" high (3' by 10' full spread)
      • 2015 full spread surrounded by 8 folded squares? photos of full tenugui?

    7. 9 Norwalk anniversary programs/booklets (40th didn't occur)
      • put 5th-25th and 45th programs on table top under acrylic?
        need clean 45th program
      • lay 30th, 35th, 50th booklets on top
        punch hole in booklet corner to secure?

    8. misc
      • 1988 "the objective of Norwalk Dojo" (under glass?)
      • dojo patches: SE, N; kabuto; present (under glass?)
      • big heavy "kendo man" trophy decoration
      • trophies? medals?
      • other?

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