Norwalk Dojo 50th Anniversary Set Up Notes

This page provides links and notes for setting up and running the tournament, as well as the dinner party.
? needs confirmation

General information

  • reserved the entire Center (gym, judo room, kitchen, classrooms, etc) Saturday night (after bingo) and Sunday all day

Tournament set up notes

Dinner party set up notes

tournament head table list

  • Masashi Shikai (chief judge)
  • Bob Yamada (SEJSCC)
  • Yoshio Aoki (President, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California)
  • Akemi Cardon (Hara family)
  • Hiro Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi family)
  • Hiro Suzuki, Nina Suzuki (Kubota Mortuary)
  • Tetsuya Matsumoto (Mazkiya USA)
  • Morihei Henmi ? (former Norwalk head instructor)
  • others ?
(also need to figure out order?)

gym layout notes

  • accommodates
    • 2 head/guest tables
    • 1 trophy table
    • 3 courts, each court has:
      • regulation court size (29.5x29.5)
      • court table and chairs (4)
      • shinpan chairs (6)
      • scoreboard area on wall (consolation below)
      • mejirushi staging point
      • kenshi staging area
    • seating for 180 (floor 50 + 60, stage 70)
  • set up details
    • gym layout diagram (pdf)
    • only need 6 shinpan chairs per court for kachinuki
    • tape center court north and south sides first, then tape courts A and B (to make setting up center court easier Sunday afternoon)
    • need to figure out wall setup
      • calligraphy
      • scoreboard paper
        - wider than trial runs (not folded in half lengthwise)
        - 2 layers to prevent bleed-through
        - consolation round paper below (waist high)
      • projection area on north wall for rules presentation

tournament duty lists

  • sign in will be conducted outdoors in the covered entranceway
    • donation table (Kim Kay and Hahn Janet)
    • kenshi and shinpan sign in (Yoon Brian and Miyagawa Misako)
    • guest sign in (Yoshimura Yumi)
  • court duty
  • We will be taking group photos at the end of the day
  • additional volunteers
        NOR Cho In Ho
        NOR Domen Ross              
        NOR Kinjo Raymond               

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