Norwalk Dojo 50th Anniversary Taikai Notes

chairs: Jean Kodama, Takeshi Nakagawa, Brian Yoon

see notes below on kachinuki and ko-haku shiai      

for other details see tournament and dinner set up notes

  • kachinuki tournament (winner remains)
    • 3 courts (prelim numbers)
      • youth kyu (47 people)
      • adult kyu (35 people)
      • 1D-4D (40 people)
    • 1-point match
    • winner remains, on tie both players retire
    • consolation round
      • for those who only fought once (came up and immediately lost or tied)
      • wait for division to complete before setting up consolation
        • take photo of completed division then move names over
      • tie: separate 2nd name by a space so the same two don't immediately fight again
      • count wins of both brackets to determine places
        • limit highest place from consolation round to 3rd place
    • scorekeeping and tie breaker rules
  • kodansha matches (14 people?)
    • 1 court (redo boundaries so one court in front of head table)
    • ko-haku (red-white) exhibition
    • 1-point match
    • each person fights twice
  • time guestimates
    • kachinuki (47 people)
      • 1pt match, 1.5min + 0.5min encho, on tie both retire
      • average 1.25 min?
      • consolation 1/3 of group
      • largest group youth kyu 50 = 70min + 20min = 90min
      • round up to 2 hrs => 12:30-2:30pm
    • ko-haku (14 people)
      • 2min no extension, each person fights twice
      • worst cast 30min
      • 2:45-3:15pm

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