SEJSCC Kendo Demonstration 6/20/15

Norwalk Kendo Dojo requested to put on a kendo demonstration for Japanese school students and parents.

  • volunteers:
    Kodama Jean 6D
    Hamamura Yu 4D
    Nguyen Emil 4D
    Domen Sumi  4D
    Fu Linda    2D
    Ji Daniel   1D 
  • everyone please arrive at the dojo by 10:45am to set up, change into bogu, and review
Demonstration outline
1 intros, rei
2 chakuso, mokuso, rei
  men tsuke (except Emil)
3 iaido (Emil, tachi iai) mae, sanpogiri, sogiri
4 point demo (Sumi on Andy)
  (Emil men tsuke)
5 uchikomi (moto Andy w/Sumi, moto Emil w/Linda and Daniel)
  kirikaeshi, M, K, D, T, 
  kote ni taisuru, men ni taisuru
6 shiai: Linda shinpan
  Daniel v Emil
  Daniel v Andy
  Sumi v Andy
7 chakuso, men tore, mokuso, rei
1 welcome to NOR kendo dojo kendo demonstration
  intros (see list above)
2 JK greetings during mokuso
  kendo: way of the sword, iaido: art of the sword
  both roots in the training methods of the samurai
3 start off with a demonstration of iaido
  iaido: starts with reigi (etiquette) and reiho (proper doing)
  draw, first cut, final cut, blood swing, return
  mental focus, breathing, ki
4 motion demo of basic points
  kamae: posture, feet, how to hold shinai, mental attitude
  datotsubui M,K,D
  datotsubu including monouchi, hasuji
  shisei: power of whole body behind the hit
    arms stretched, body square, posture, footwork, 
  tenouchi: focus power
  kisei including kiai, seme
  zanshin (continuation of kisei)
5 uchikomi
6 shiai
7 reasons to do kendo
  1 japanese language and culture
    - respect for seniors
    - proper ways of doing things
    - how to act as part of the group
    - keep ties to japanese language

  2 kendo is a martial art
    - physical training
    - courage
    - mental focus
    - how to carry yourself 
    - toughness

  3 kendo is competitive
    - performance under pressure
    - thrill of victory, agony of defeat
    - many opportunities at local, national, world level
    - sumi team usa 3rd at wkc

  4 unique extracurricular activity
    - letters of recommendation air force academny, law school
      - stood out: kendo head instructor
      - commitment, focus, drive
      - leadership
      - strength of character
    - training and discipline got me through caltech

  5 kendo is safe
    - karate needs medic station

  6 kendo is cheap

  7 kendo is fun
    - softball since little, after hit mid 20's no longer fun
    - can start at any age
    - builds friendship
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