SEJSCC Camp Hanabi Kendo Demonstration 7/10/15

Norwalk Kendo Dojo has been asked to put on a kendo demonstration and basic kendo lesson at Camp Hanabi, the Southeast Japanese School and Community Center's week-long camp for 5- to 10-year-olds.

Kendo Demonstration Notes

  • volunteers: Kodama Jean 6D (JK), Kariya Yoshijiro 4D (GK), Yoon Brian 3D (BY), Yoon Courtney 2D (CY) Ji Daniel 1D (DJ); maybe (and if so late): Fu Linda 2D (LF)
  • everyone please arrive at the dojo by 12:30pm to set up, change into bogu, and review
  • set up: sweep gym, ready camp shinai and cones
  • general plan
    • 15-20min demo
    • 10-15min ph kamae, ashisabaki, men
    • rest of time in groups to try men uchi
  • 3 equal groups by age, depending on number of motodachi
    5 motodachi: CY/DJ, GK/BY, JK
    6 motodachi: CY/DJ, GK/LF, JK/BY
Demonstration outline
[ ] indicates parallel activity
1 kids come in, take off shoes, line up by group, 2 rows
  we line up behind mens facing kids
  note: this typically takes until 1:45pm
2 JK "rei", introductions
3 BY "chakuza, mokuso, naore, rei"
  [JK greetings, remarks]
4 JK direct kihondosa by all
  M, K, D, suburi, hayasuburi 30x
5 JK direct footwork by DJ and BY
  no kiai, kiai, M
  [GK and CY put on men]
6 point demo by CY on GK
  [everyone else put on men]
7 uchikomi demo: motodachi GK/BY, kakarite CY/DJ, directed by JK
  basic:   big M,K,D
  renzoku: KM
  hikiwaza: M-t-hM
  shiai: DJ v CY; BY v GK
  [JK direct each part, shinpan]
8 JK conclusion
  [all seiza, remove men; BY "mokuso, naore, rei"]
9 JK "kiritsu", all face audience, JK "rei"

Kendo Lesson Notes
1  seiretsu (standing), rei ("onegaishimasu")
     {approx 2pm}
2  ph kamae, ashi sabaki, men
     pressed hands (ph) kamae
     cones create 5 zones, 4-5 abreast
     footwork in two lines, out then return faster
     footwork out with kiai, then kiai back
     men out, then men back
3  men uchi w/shinai (in groups)
     break up into 3 groups
     each group improvise
     {started 2:40pm, last 2 2:30pm}
5  seiretsu (standing)
   kiotsuke, rei

Camp Hanabi general notes

The Southeast Japanese School and Community Center is putting on its annual Camp Hanabi Japanese cultural camp for kids aged 5-10. It will be held July 6-10 (Monday-Friday) from 9am-3pm at the Center.

$175 includes five days of language, culture, crafts, and sports activities plus a camp tshirt. Please pass this along to friends and family (deadline to register is 6/16).

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