2017 Cultural Festival, Sat 7/22 and Sun 7/23

(formerly known as carnival)

Every year, on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of July, Southeast Japanese School and Community Center holds its summer matsuri (cultural festival). See:

Most of the groups at the Center participate in the matsuri, for example by putting on a demonstration or exhibition, operating a game booth, or selling food. Norwalk Kendo Dojo does all three!

  • teriyaki chicken and yakisoba booth
  • goldfish toss booth (ping pong balls in fish bowl)
  • kendo demonstration Saturday 4pm
    note: this year we will again be doing the demo in the judo room
We need everyone's help at this time: kenshi, parents, siblings, extended family, and friends.

Food shift summary (all hands, all days!)

   Fri 7/22  7:30pm        set up and food prep
   Sat 7/23  12pm-7pm      food prep and booth duty
   Sun 7/24  11:30am-close food prep and booth duty
   Mon 7/25  6:30pm        clean up 
  • be sure to review important food preparation instructions
  • each family please bring 6 gallons of water (marked with your name)
Fish booth duty
  • Tseng George and Yoon Courtney are in charge
Instructions from the Center Board
Postmorten comments (to discuss at 8/2 meeting)
  • no advance notice of shuttle bus and parking?
  • archery set up in judo room (impeded kendo demo set up)

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