SEJSCC Camp Hanabi Kendo Demonstration 7/13/16

Kendo Demonstration Notes

  • volunteers: Kodama Jean 6D (JK), Yoon Courtney 2D (CY) Kim Ryan 3k (RK) Kim Daniel 3k (DK)
  • everyone arrive at the dojo by 1:00pm to set up, change into bogu, and review
  • set up: sweep gym, ready camp shinai set watch timer for general plan times below
  • general plan
    • as coming in: konnichi wa
    • 1:30 seiri undo (while later comers straggle in)
    • 1:35 demo: NOR keiko from seiri undo thru men uchikomi
    • 1:50 7-10yo (27)
    • 2.10 4-6yo (17)
    Plan changes: started 1:25, 1st session younger group
Demonstration details
1 kids come in, have them say "konnichiwa" (those already in reply)
  take off shoes, line up between cones
  note: this typically takes until 1:45pm
  ask gakuen sensei for experienced kendoka?
2 JK [seiri undo, led by CY]
  ichi ni san shi, ichi ni san, ichi..hachi
  hajime, yame; kiai; wakatta, hai
3 JK [seiza, mokuso, rei]
4 JK [relax legs]
   greetings: welcome to NOR kendo dojo
   start with a kendo demonstration following typical practice
   then a short kendo lesson
3 JK kihondosa
   tai, M, K, D, suburi, hayasuburi 30x
4 JK point explanation pointing to bogu pieces
   [while CY RK DK put on men]
   shinai, tsuru
   kamae: always RH by tsuba
   ashi: never LF front
   datotsu bui, datotsu bu
5 uchikomi demo: CY motodachi
   basic (3x): big M,K,D
6 shiai geiko (if time)
7 JK conclusion, excuse 4-6yo, start 7-10yo session
8 3 motodachi: CY, RK, DK, plus two uchikomi ningyo if kendoka sensei?
   JK demo each step of assembly line
   alarm set for 2:10
   assembly line, use white line as RF starting location
   dummy: start w/shinai on men, hit a few times
   RK: same thing but after hit go through
   DK: start at chikama (step to hit men)
   CY: start at issoku maai (one step then step to hit men)
   ningyo: same thing
9 alarm: stop, line up, all standing
  JK: hope you enjoyed demonstration and lesson
  at carnival will have demonstration and flyers 
  rei saying arigato gozaimashita
10 2nd session: same as 8-9

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