Reminders and upcoming events for 2019

  • Deadline reminders (see also SCKF deadlines) Also

  • Kata Practice Fridays 8/9/19 thru 10/18/19, 9pm
    From 8/9 until the fall shinsa we will have kata practice on Fridays after first keiko. All kenshi 3kyu and above are required to practice kata regardless of (but especially to prepare for) shinsa. Lack of participation and appropriate kata proficiency will make you ineligible for shinsa this fall and next spring. Yudansha especially, please come out to help.

  • Sun 9/22/19: Team SCKF Training, Norwalk 8:30am
    Monthly Team SCKF training will be conducted at Norwalk Dojo starting from 8/18/19. First milestone is eliminations on 11/17, and then AUSKF championships in Detroit in 2020.

  • Fri-Sun 9/27-29/19: PNKF Iaido Seminar, Bellevue WA
    Kozawa Susie will be attending.

  • Fri 9/27/19: monthly dojo tournament

  • Sun 9/29/19: SCKF Team Championships, Wilson Park
    Norwalk participants include Kim Ryan, Cho Daniel, Cho Ryan; Ji Daniel, Fu Linda, Nguyen Emil, Hamamura Yu, Yoon Brian, Chang Jeffrey, Kariya Yoshijiro. Shinpan include Nguyen Emil, Hamamura Yu, Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Wed 10/2/19: SEJSCC advisory committee meeting, 7pm SEJSCC

  • Sun 10/6/19: Shido Geiko, San Diego 10am-noon
    Special advanced (yudansha) practice focusing on basics. This one is in San Diego and requires online sign up by 9/30.

  • Fri 10/11/19: no keiko due to boutique set up

  • Sat 10/12/19: NYS pancake breakfast and SEJSCC boutique
    NYS pancake breakfast 7am-11am. Holiday Boutique 8am-2pm.

  • Sat 10/12/19: SCKF godo geiko; board meeting, Chuo 6pm; 7:30pm

  • Sat-Sun 10/12-13/19: NCIA Iaido Seminar, Palo Alto
    Okuno sensei will be attending.

  • Sun 10/20/19: SCKF Fall Shinsa, Wilson Park

  • Sun 10/27/19: SCKF Iaido Shinsa, Hillview Middle School

  • Mon 10/28/19: monthly dojo tournament

  • Sun 11/17/19: Team SCKF Eliminations, tbd
  • Fri 11/29/19: Thanksgiving Friday, no keiko
  • Sun 12/15/19: Shido Geiko, Walnut 10am-noon
    Special advanced (yudansha) practice focusing on basics.
  • Mon 12/16/19: last keiko of 2019?
  • Fri 12/20/19: xmas party?
  • Mon 12/23/19-Mon 12/30/19: holiday break?
  • Fri 1/3/20: first keiko of 2020
  • Sun 1/19/20: Kubota Memorial Tournament, Wilson Park
  • Sun 2/23/20: SCKF Shinpan Seminar, tbd
  • Sun 3/13/20: North-South Tournament, tentative
  • Sat 4/18/20: SCKF Fall Shinsa, tbd
  • Sun 5/3/20: Nisei Week Tournament, tbd
  • Sun 6/21/20: SCKF Individual Championships, Wilson Park
  • Sun 7/12/20: SCKF Kata Seminar, tbd
  • Sun 8/??/20: Nikkei Games
  • Sun 9/27/20: SCKF Team Championships, tentative
  • Sun 10/18/20: SCKF Fall Shinsa, tbd
  • Sun 10/25/20: SCKF Iaido Shinsa, tentative

  • Recurring Norwalk Dojo events
    • Monthly tournament, last Friday practice in odd months or last Monday practice in even months except as noted. We require participation, especially yudansha shinpan, to be eligible for promotion. We will do a round robin tournament if there are less than 6 people in the division (everyone plays everyone else, time limit 2 minutes, no encho or hantei, 1st place goes to the person with the most wins, then the most points won. In case of tie there will be a 2-minute 1ppon shobu playoff). Next tournaments: 9/27f, 10/28m, 11/29f, 12/??m
    • Kata practices
      We require all 3 kyu and above to attend kata practices and to perform kata one level above FIK regulations. We will start practicing in the months leading up to the SCKF fall shinsa, culminating in kata exams for all kenshi, regardless of shinsa aspirations. Good attendance and performance will be a prerequisite for entry in the shinsa. For potential candidates for the spring shinsa (this will be a minimal set), kata evaluations will take place in February, and further kata practices will occur as needed.
    • Monthly attendance recognition
      We will recognize good, excellent, and perfect attendance on a monthly basis for everyone (even sensei!). Note: you must be here on time; tardies do not count.
    • Extra practices (outside of Norwalk Dojo) are encouraged for advanced kenshi. Note that this is in addition to, not instead of, Norwalk keiko! Our sister dojo include Costa Mesa Dojo, Covina Dojo, and Gedatsu Dojo. Other recommended practices include SCKF's godo geiko and shido geiko. Please discuss it with the Norwalk sensei when you wish to start attending outside practices.
    • Federation practices, Sun 8am-12pm.
      Norwalk Dojo is hosting
      SCKF youth practices (Norwalk kenshi are encouraged to attend, but please make sure you're ready for a hard practice). Next practices:

  • More notes
    • If you would like to receive dojo email announcements, please email (be sure to provide your name!).
    • In order to practice kendo at Norwalk Dojo, you must sign liability forms for AUSKF and SEJSCC, and parents must sign a consent for medical treatment form for minors. Outside kenshi need to sign an SEJSCC guest liability form.
    • Per dojo policy, if you need to take some time off from keiko, you must notify the dojo in writing before the beginning of the month to avoid dues for that month being deducted from your security deposit (via email to and Also, if funds are deducted from your deposit for whatever reason, you must replenish it as soon as possible.
    • When paying by check, the payee should be "Southeast Japanese School", with "Norwalk Kendo Dojo" on the memo line.
    • Sheriff's Dept phone number 562-863-8711
      The SEJSCC Board recommends not to confront anyone suspicious loitering on the property; instead call the sheriff's department. Do not leave valuables unattended, especially in the dressing rooms or parking lot. Keep entrance doors closed.
Past Events

  • Mon 9/6/19: monthly attendance recognition
    No one had perfect attendance in August, but good job to the following:
    • Excellent attendance: Chu Michael, Quimpo Ed, Chu Elise, Choi Sean, Choi Colin, Choi James
    • Good attendance: Chu Lawrence, Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Mon 9/2/19: Labor Day, no keiko

  • Fri 8/30/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Postponed from Monday. Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Liao William (junior youth kyu), Kim Ryan (senior youth kyu), Kanase Don (adult kyu), and Fu Linda (yudansha).

    Thank you to Choi Eunice (with assistance from Kim Kay) for the extremely yummy Korean fish cake soup and spicy rice cake!

  • Mon 8/26/19: keiko
    There is kendo practice, but no iaido practice tonight.

  • Sat-Sun 8/24-25/19: Ota sensei workshop, Taos NM
    Also see workshop update. Kodama Jean and Kariya Yoshijiro will be attending.

  • Sun 8/18/19: Team SCKF Training, Norwalk 8:30am

  • Fri 8/16/18: keiko
    Welcome new member Ayahara Jun (kendo 1kyu, iaido 2kyu)!

  • Fri 8/9/19: keiko and kata
    We will start kata practice tonight during ato-geiko, required for 3kyu and above.

  • Mon 8/5/19: monthly attendance recognition
    • Congratulations to Cho Daniel, Choi Sean, Choi Colin, Choi James for achieving perfect attendance in July!
    • Excellent attendance: Fu Linda, Chu Michael, Tseng George, Quimpo Ed, Liao William, Chu Elise, Chu Lawrence, Ehecatly Chicuei, Kariya Yoshijiro.
    • Good attendance: Laio Steve, Song Ian, Lee Caleb, Nakajima Kei, Suh Keira.

  • Sun 8/4/19: Nikkei Games, CSULB Pyramid

  • Fri 8/2/19: clean up and keiko, 7:10pm
    Kendo has been asked to help out the Center by putting away the classroom furniture, now that floor waxing is done (a couple of days ahead of schedule). Everyone please arrive no later than 7:10pm to help, so we can finish up quickly.

    For keiko, we will start with a review of how fold keikogi and hakama, and for beginners we will cover how to put them on.

  • Mon 7/29/19: Carnival clean up instead of keiko, 7pm
    All members, family, and friends: thank you so much for all your help this past weekend! One last item: please come tonight to help clean up kitchen and clean/organize storage.

  • Sat-Sun 7/27-28/19: SEJSCC Carnival This weekend is the biggest event/fundraiser for Southeast Japanese Community Center as well as Norwalk Kendo Dojo. As you are aware, our dojo is completely operated by volunteers (senseis, officers and all the members) and this event requires everyone's help.

    Saturday: food volunteers (booth workers and cooks) meet at 11:30am; festival time is from 3pm to 9pm. Also people in bogu please be ready to help with the kendo demonstration at 4pm (will assign Friday during set up).

    Sunday: food volunteers (booth workers and cooks) meet at 11am; festival time is from 2pm to 8pm. Depending on what time we run out of food, we will start cleaning up around 6pm. We will need to return all the festival stuff back to our storage.

    Everyone please volunteer both Saturday and Sunday, all day if possible, but especially during the peak hours from 5pm to closing on both nights. We also have restroom duty (restock and sweep floor) as well as trash can duty on Sunday.

  • Fri 7/26/19: Carnival prep instead of keiko, 7:30pm
    Call all members, family, and friends! Please come help prep food for the weekend (bring kitchen knives and aprons) and help set up the food booth in the parking lot (including taking out items from storage).

  • Restricted parking Mondays 7/8 thru 7/22
    Ondo practice for the cultural festival will be conducted in the front parking lot on Mondays and Thursdays in July from 7:30pm. For Monday keiko, please do not park in the area by the ondo circle, and be careful of the ondo participants, especially small children.

  • Fri 7/19/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Liao William (junior youth kyu), Cho Daniel (senior youth kyu), and Tseng George (yudansha).

  • Sun 7/14/19: SCKF Kata Seminar, El Rancho HS, Pico Rivera
    Required for 2dan and above. Sign up individually online; pay the dojo for bento orders. Norwalk participants include Fu Linda, Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Sat 7/13/19: SEJSCC Bingo, kendo has toban
    Thank you to everyone who helped make and serve inari, somen salad, katsu, onigiri, and desserts.

  • Wed 7/10/19: Kendo Demo at Camp Hanabi, 1:30-2:30 SEJSCC
    Thank you to Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoon Brian, Fu Linda, and Kanase Don for putting this on!

  • Fri 7/5/19: keiko
    Welcome new members: Chicuei Ehecatl and Daijiro Don Kanase (actually a former member from the 1990's!).

  • Mon 7/1/19: monthly attendance recognition
    • Congratulations to Tseng George for achieving perfect attendance in June!
    • Excellent attendance: Cho Daniel, Chu Elise, Chu Lawrence
    • Good attendance: Fu Linda

  • Mon 7/1/19: No iaido practice
    No iaido practice tonight (post-camp break!). There is kendo practice.

  • Sun 6/30/19: SCKF Individual Championships, Wilson Park
    Norwalk participants include Kim Ryan (senior youth); Fu Linda (women's); Tseng George, Chu Michael, Chang Jeffrey (championship); Chang Jeffrey (shinpan).

    Congratulations to Kim Ryan for winning 3rd place in 16-17 division!

  • Thu-Mon 6/26-7/1/19: AUSKF iaido camp, Oregon
    Okuno sensei, Kozawa sensei, Kariya Yoshijiro, Tekin Korhan are attending.

  • Mon 6/24/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Liao William (junior youth kyu), Cho Daniel (senior youth kyu), and Chu Michael (yudansha).

  • Fri-Sun 6/14-16/19: Nito Seminar, Idaho
    Kariya Yoshijiro is attending.

  • Mon 6/3/19: monthly attendance recognition
    • Congratulations to Chu Michael, Tseng George, and Chu Lawrence, for achieving perfect attendance in May!
    • Excellent attendance: Chu Elise, Kariya Yoshijiro.
    • Good attendance: Fu Linda, Kim Ryan, Choi Eunice, Song Ian, Song Lia.

  • Sun 6/2/19: SEJSCC annual meeting, 12pm SEJSCC
    Kodama Jean attended and presented kendo's report.

  • Fri 5/31/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Kim Ryan (youth kyu), Quimpo Ed (adult kyu), and Fu Linda (yudansha).

  • Mon 5/27/19: Memorial Day, no kendo or iaido keiko

  • Sun 5/19/19: Covina 50th Anniversary, Covina
    Please help our sister dojo Covina celebrate its 50th. Sign up online by 4/1. Order a commemorative tshirt ($18) online by 4/13 (extended deadline). Norwalk attendees include Tseng George, Liao William, Liao Steve, Fu Linda, Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro, Kodama Jean.

  • Sun 5/5/19: Nisei Week Tournament, Alhambra
    Norwalk participants include Liao William (10 and under), Cho Daniel (14-15), Kim Ryan and Cho Ryan (adult 3-1kyu). Shinpan include Kariya Yoshijiro. Tekin Korhan will be performing iaido embu.

    Congratulations to Cho Daniel for winning 2nd place in 14-15 division!

  • Fri 5/3/19: monthly attendance recognition
    No one had perfect attendance in April, but good job to the following:
    • Excellent attendance: Choi Sean, Choi Colin, Kodama Jean.
    • Good attendance: Tseng George.

  • Mon 4/29/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Cho Daniel (youth kyu), Quimpo Ed (adult kyu), and Chu Michael (yudansha).

  • Sat 4/20/19: SCKF Spring Shinsa, El Rancho HS
    Even though we have no one testing, please come out and observe the divisions to prepare for your next promotional test.

  • Sat 4/13/19: SEJSCC Recognition Dinner, SEJSCC
    Kendo has food prep toban. And, our own Brian and Kay Yoon will be honored at this dinner, so please come out and help celebrate! Toban starts at 1:30pm (we will be making about 630 inari sushi and 60 fruit centerpieces); dinner starts at 5:30pm.

  • Sat 4/13/19: PNKF Iaido Shinpan Seminar and Shinsa, Seattle
    Kozawa sensei will be instructing!

  • Mon 4/1/19: monthly attendance recognition
    • Congratulations to Chu Michael, Chu Lawrence, Choi Sean and Choi Colin for achieving perfect attendance in March!
    • Excellent attendance: Choi James, Kodama Jean.
    • Good attendance: Chu Elise, Lee Caleb, Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Sun 3/31/19: SEJSCC Clean Up
    Thank you to everyone for coming out help! Yoon Kay, Chu Michael, Chu Elise, Chu Lawrence, Tseng George, Kim Minyoung, Cho Ryan, Cho Daniel, Quimpo Ed, Choi James, Choi Sean, Choi Colin, Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro. (please email if this isn't quite right)

  • Fri 3/29/19: monthly dojo tournament
    Congratulations to monthly tournament winners Kim Ryan (youth kyu), Quimpo Ed (adult kyu), and Chu Michael (yudansha).

  • Sun 3/17/19: North-South Tournament, Santa Clara
    Dojo trip! Leaving Fri (meet at the dojo 5:30pm), returning Sun evening. Norwalk competitors, shinpan (*), and attendees include Cho Daniel, Kim Ryan (14-17), Fu Linda (women's), Ji Daniel (1-2dan), Chang Jeffrey*, Yoon Brian* (3-4dan), Kariya Yoshijiro (5dan up), Kodama Jean* (senior); Kim Kay, Kodama David. Kariya sensei also participated in the iaido enbu with 10 iaidoka from NCIA.

    Congratulations to Ji Daniel for winning 3rd place in 1-2dan, and to Chang Jeffrey, taisho of the SCKF yudansha team which won NCKF. Everyone did extremely well! Special thanks to Yoon Brian for driving the huge rental van, and extra special thanks to Fu Linda for organizing the trip, which included a stay in Monterey to see the aquarium and Cannery Row, and fantastic dinners at Nom Burgers and Harris Ranch.

  • Mon 3/4/18: keiko
    Welcome new members Nakajima Kei and daughter Suh Keira!

  • Fri 3/1/19: monthly attendance recognition
    • Congratulations to Chu Michael, Chu Elise, Chu Lawrence, and Choi Sean for achieving perfect attendance in February!
    • Excellent attendance: Choi Colin, Kodama Jean.
    • Good attendance: Kim Ryan.

    Also, welcome new member Choi James (Sean and Colin's dad)!

  • Now collecting 2019 AUSKF and SCKF federation dues
    Federation dues are by age: 17 and under: $44, 18 and over: $86. Deadline is Fri Mar 15. Please email asap so we can get you signed up.

    Note: please sign up now even if you don't think you'll be able to participate regularly until later in the year. There is no benefit to delaying (federation dues are not prorated, so they are the same whether you join now or in December). For returning yudansha, your membership will be continuous from last year and you will be eligible for the SCKF Championship tournaments in June and September.

    We need new members, please contact your friends and family. And of course we welcome back all former members! If you know anyone who has been away for a while, please contact them to let them know.

  • Mon 9/10/18: keiko
    Thank you to the Cho family for the delicious fresh-from-the-tree oranges!

  • Sat 9/8/18: SEJSCC Bingo (kendo toban)

  • Fri 9/7/18: keiko
    Welcome new members Kim Kevin, Kim Enoch, Kim Irene!

  • Fri-Sun 9/7-9/18: Oda Sensei Iaido Seminar, Denver
    Okuno sensei and Kodama sensei will be attending.

  • Mon 9/3/18: Labor Day, no keiko
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