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7/25/99 Team USA Eliminations

The AUSKF has selected the team to represent the Federation at the 11th WKC.

The first stage of the process, held March 14th in Torrance, CA, selected 20 men's division candidates out of 41 entrants and signed up 18 women candidates. The final eliminations were held on July 25th in Renton, WA.

Results (SCKF members in bold):

  • Men's Division top ten: Spencer Hosokawa, Chris Yang, Danny Yang, Koichi Matsukubo, Yuji Onitsuka, Mike Yoshimura, Mike Minami, Kunito Hashimoto, Kevin Abe, and Tsukasa Hamai.

  • Women's Division top ten: Kaori Takada, Yuriko Shikai, Naomi Nishimoto, Miwa Nagano, Elizabeth Marsten, Mitsuyo Sakae, Jean Kodama, Rika Uto, Karen Fukumoto, and Shaun Devine.

The top nine finishers are on the team. The tenth place finishers are "wild cards" who will join the team if the winners of the individual championships at the All U.S. Kendo Championships (AUSKC) are not already team members or are ineligible.

In a message to the SCKF team going to the AUSKC, coach/manager Tim Yuge congratulated everyone who participated and said "I was very pleased with your Kendo, whether you made Team USA or not. You all did your best!" He noted with pride that 14 of the top 20 finishers were from SCKF.

The men's eliminations consisted of round robin tournaments within five groups of four. Groups were shuffled three times for a total of nine matches for each competitor. The groups were seeded, with the top five finishers from the first eliminations staying in separate groups. Points were tabulated after each match, with each competitor gaining the number of points scored plus 3 bonus points for a win or 1 bonus point for a draw.

After this initial phase, the top five finishers were on the team, and the bottom five were eliminated. The remaining ten competitors were divided into two groups of five for a final round robin. Points were added to the first phase results to determine the next five finishers.

The women's competition was similar, for a total of nine matches per competitor in the first stage, with the top five selected for the team, the bottom three eliminated, and the remaining ten divided into two groups of five for the final round robin.

The men's participants included (in order of first stage finish) D. Yang, C. Yang, Matsukubo, K. Hashimoto, Onitzuka, Samkange, Yoshimura, Hosokawa, Minami, Eitoku, E. Chinen, Kikunaga, O. Hashimoto, Harada, Itokazu, Abe, Caroll, Matsui, Nishimoto, and Hamai.

The women's participants included (in order of optional first stage finish) K. Takada, Sakae, Nishimoto, E. Marsten, Fukumoto, Uto, Imamura, and Farmer plus Kodama, Shikai, Abe, Nagano, Kikunaga, Tanaka, Mikuni, Ebihara, Kato, and Devine.

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