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1999 Shinkyu Shiai (Promotional Examinations)
Oct 17, Covina Dojo

  • General information

  • Preliminary schedule

  • Study guide for promotional examination (AUSKF)
    See SCKF reference page. Note: the study guide is a good reference for participants, examiners, and instructors. The written exam questions are taken from it.

General information
  1. The shinkyu shiai will be held on October 17th at Covina Dojo. Kyu examinations (4 kyu and above) will be on one court and dan examinations on the other. Each court will have two sets of examination boards which will rotate to expedite the flow of the shinsa.
  2. All examiners, tachiai, and other officials must attend an orientation meeting from 8:00 to 8:30am. Some time will be allowed at the end of the meeting for special cases to be presented.
  3. The exams will begin promptly at 9am. Everyone must be punctual for the shinsa to proceed efficiently. Applicants should plan to arrive no later than the times below.

Court A

Court B

Requested Rank


Requested Rank


Youth 4 kyu


1 dan


Youth 3 kyu


2 dan


Youth 2 kyu



Adult 4-2 kyu


3 dan


Youth/adult 1 kyu


4 dan


  1. There will be no roll call. In its place there will be sign in sheets; each applicant must sign in to indicate his/her presence. Sign in for a particular group will be closed approximately 30 minutes before the group exam begins. Sign in for the youth 4 kyu and 1 dan groups will close at 8:30am. No late sign ins will be allowed.
  2. There will be one announcer/coordinator and two active tachiai per group. One tachiai will give commands while the other feeds applicants onto the court. Any applicants not present for their shiai will be immediately disqualified.
  3. For yudansha, the kata exam will only be taken by kenshi who have passed the kendo portion of the exam. All 1 kyu applicants will take the kata exam regardless of the results of their kendo exam.
  4. Kata applicants will be able to pick their kata partner. The partner must be testing for the same rank and, for yudansha, must have passed the kendo portion of the exam. The applicants will have at least 15 minutes to practice prior to the kata test. Applicants should be prepared to perform the uchidachi or shidachi roles.
  5. Written exams for 1 kyu and dan applicants will be handed out at the shinsa. These must be completed correctly before any new rank is officially recorded. Further directions will be given at the shinsa.

Preliminary schedule

Note: this is tentative and depends on the exam flow. Participants, be sure to arrive no later than the time indicated in the table above under item 3, and be sure to sign in!

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