The Southern California Kendo Federation held their annual New Year’s Party at the Ports-O-Call Restaurant in San Pedro. It was held on Sunday January 21st. Approximately 80 people attended the "all you can eat" brunch representing most of the member dojo.

Many door prizes were given away, including the top prize of a combination VCR/TV that was won by Mr. Moon Kang (Monterey Park Dojo). Tom Tew directed the give away assisted by Azusa and Tamaki Imai (Covina Dojo). In addition, Mr. Tetsuo Watanabe (Chuo Dojo) received his Roku-dan menjo. A prize should have been given to Asai sensei for consuming the most food. And yet he stays thin…amazing!

The food was good and champagne was bubbly and a good time seemed to be had by all those who attended.

(photos to be scanned)