Approximately 80 kenshi and family members traveled to the frozen north to attend the 39th annual kendo tournament at the Steveston Kendo Club, in Richmond, BC, Canada. The tournament is always held on the second Saturday in the month of February and this year it was on February 10th. As usual is was cold and damp as is typical at that time of the year. But as uncomfortable as the weather may be, the people of the Steveston dojo compensate with their warm welcome and hospitality that they offer.

On the evening before the tournament, as usual, the families of the kenshi of Steveston prepared a wonderful meal for all who wanted to attend. Salmon sukiyaki, sushi and many other tasty dishes seemed to satisfy the eaters. Of course, again as usual, a short informal keiko was held after consuming this massive meal.

On Saturday the tournament began on time with all participating groups marching in and, considering there were over 300 participants, ended on time. Obviously the results of good planning and execution by the members of the Steveston Kendo Club.

The results of the tournament:

10 Years and Under 11 to 13 Years
1st F. Michioka, NCKF 1st R. Nakata, Renbu
2nd H. Yamada, Vancouver 2nd N. Negishi, Youshinkan
3rd B. Fukutomi, Hawaii 3rd J. Lee, Steveston
3rd R. Murao, Steveston 3rd R. Marumo, Sunrise

14 to 15 Years Non-Degree
1st J. Brown, SCKF (Torrance) 1st C. Park, NCKF
2nd J. Marsten, Highline 2nd T. Kono, NCKF
3rd J. Inouye, Youshinkan 3rd M. Rinaldi, Bellevue

3rd K. Negishi, Youshinkan 3rd J. Syring, Bellevue

Women's Division

1 to 3 Dan
1st Y. Koriyama, Ontario 1st D. Yang, SCKF (Torrance)
2nd W. Nakano, Steveston 2nd N. Nakano, Steveston

3rd R. Barr, Bellevue 3rd T. Yamada, Vancouver
3rd M. Sakae, SCKF (Sho-Tokyo) 3rd Y. Maruyama, Uvic
4 Dan and Above Junior Team
1st C. Yang, SCKF (Torrance) 1st Youshinkan
2nd M. Yoshimura, SCKF (Norwalk) 2nd NCKF
3rd D. Taguchi, Sunrise

3rd M. Minami, NCKF


Senior Team

1st SCKF (C. Yang, Y. Kitajima, D. Yang, M. Yoshimura, S. Nakagawa)

2nd Steveston