AUSKF 12WKC Final Eliminations
9/1/02, Los Angeles

On Sunday, 9/1/02, the final elimination tournament was held at OSULA to select the Team USA members for the 12th World Kendo Championships. The tournament selected 5 team members, to be added to Mike Yoshimura and Kaori Takada who were automatically selected at the AUS Kendo Championships on 7/5. There were also 2 men's team and 1 women's team members selected by manager and coaches' choice, as well as 3 alternates for each team.

The Team USA results are listed below. Also listed are the manager and coaches selected at the November 2001 AUSKF Board meeting.

Manager and coaches

Men's team (8 plus 3 alternates)

Women's team (7 plus 3 alternates)

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