41st Steveston Taikai
Saturday 2/8/03

(updated 2/12/03)


The info below was transcribed from hard copy. If you have any questions please contact Yuge sensei.

The Steveston Kendo Dojo cordially invites the members of your Dojo/Federation to our 41st Annual Steveston Invitational Kendo Tournament

The Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2003 beginning at 10:00 AM at the Steveston Community Centre, 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond, B.C.

Tournament Entry Fee by Donation

Please complete the enclosed entry forms for each division. When completing the forms, please give the full name of the competitor. Also indicate if the Kenshi is a female by placing "F" behind her name.

Hotel accommodations are available at the Ramada Plaza Conference Centre booked under the "Steveston Kendo Club". Please notify us well in advance to ensure room availability.

Entry Forms and Hotel requirements must be submitted by January 18, 2003 to:

Mr. Ray Murao, Head Instructor
3806 Hunt Street, Richmond, B.C. Canada V7E 2M3
Tel: (604) 275-9333, Fax: (604) 275-9866

Yours truly,

H. Okano
Steveston Kendo Club

Competition Categories

Individual Matches   Junior       10 years and under
                                  11-13 years
                                  14-15 years
                     Ladies       16 years and older
                     Adult Kyu    16 years and older
                     Yudansha     1-3 dan
                                  4 dan and over
Team Matches         Junior Team  15 years and under
                     Senior Team  16 years and over
Please note:
  1. Categories are subject to change depending upon the number of entries.
  2. Participants will be allowed to enter into one (1) individual category only.
  3. Due to the high number of entrants and the use of four (4) courts, it will be the responsibility of each Kenshi/Delegation leader to ensure that their players are available at their properly designated courts or risk disqualification.

Time Limits and Rules

Individual Matches   Junior       3 Min - 2 x 1 Min Encho - Hantei
                     Ladies       3 Min - 2 x 1 Min Encho - Hantei
                     Adult Kyu    3 Min - 2 x 1 Min Encho - Hantei
                     Yudansha     4 Min - 2 x 2 Min Encho - Hantei
Team Matches         Junior Team  3 Min - No Encho
                     Senior Team  4 Min - No Encho
Please note:
I.K.F. rules will apply unless otherwise stated
No Jogai for 10 Years and under
No Jodan or Tsuki in Junior Division
No Hantei during semi-final and final matches
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