Note: the following was transcribed from hardcopy. For an official copy of the letter (there is also a Japanese version) please contact Tanaka sensei. Team USA members will also receive a copy.
TO: IKF Officers
       Presidents of the 12WKC Particpating Organizations

Notes on the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued advisories with regard to the SARS epidemic that is prevailing in some Asian countries as well as some other parts of the world. Glasgow of Great Britain where the 12WKC is to be held is not included in the SARS affected area at present, and hence, IKF currently intends to run the 12WKC program as originally scheduled.

We understand that most of the participants will enter Great Britain on international airlines and that some of the WKC participating organizations may come from countries/areas that are designated as SARS affected areas by WHO. IKF therefore would like to ask your understanding and cooperation in the following matters so that the health protection of all 12WKC participants can be ensured.

It has been reported that the SARS virus is spread by close person-to-person contact, such as through the direct contact with infectious material (for instance, respiratory secrections) from someone with SARS. Most of the patients recuperate by appropriate medical treatments. However, as no efficacious treatment regimen for SARS is established, it is necessary for everyone to pay close attention not to be exposed to SARS virus.

  1. On leaving your country and on arrival in Great Britain
    Currently no restrictions are imposed on the travel to Great Britain from any countries or areas.
    However, it is quite possible that the entry to Great Britain is restricted or that more severe quarantines is imposed at the British airport prior to the 12WKC, depending on the situations of your country or the immigration policies of Great Britain.
    Therefore, you are advised to pay careful attention to the overseas travel information that is announced by the authorities concerned of your own country. You are also advised to keep your eyes on the immigration information issued by the U.K. authorities and also the information provided by the hosting organization BKA. To obtain most updated travel information, you are advised to contact the British Embassy (Consulate) in your country or the foreign affairs/health authorities of your country.
    Persons departing from areas with recent local transmission are advised to be screened for possible SARS at the point of departure, WHO recommends.
    If passengers develped any symptoms of SARS before boarding or on board they will not be allowed to enter Great Britain and must follow the directions by the quarantine office and/or the airline.
    If it is required, the delegation members may contact their doctors or national health authorities to obtain a bill of health within 10 days of departure.
    All participating organizations are asked at their own responsibility to obtain the latest information on the restrictions of departure from your country and the entry to Great Britain.

  2. Heath care concerning the delegation members
    We would like to remind you that each delegation is responsible for the health care of its own delegation members before/after and throughout the 12WKC time period. You may take actions that are considered to be effective for prevention or early detection of SARS: gargling, hand washing, mask wearing at the airport/on board, disinfection and temperature taking. You are also adgvised to take good care of your health with adequate sleep and balanced diet.
    Those who had a contact with possible SARS cases within 10 days of departure should not undertake travel.

  3. In case a member of your delegation developed any symptoms of SARS
    During the WKC period, if any members of your delegation developed one or more symptioms of SARS as below, you are requested to report it to the 12WKC headquarters (IKF and BKA) immediately. THey will be isolated and hospitalized following the instructions by the British health authorities.
          Symptoms of SARS In addition, those who had contact with anyone who has SARS or those who have been in an area where there has been recent local transmission of SARS in the last 10 days before entering Great Britain must also report to the health authorities.

    If a SARS case was found (including a suspected case) among the WKC participants during or prior to WKC, the WKC events could be discontinued or the whole events could be suspended. In that case, all delegations are requested to follw the instructions of the WKC Headquarters (IKF and BKA) and the British authorities. In addition, in case of SARS outbreak, the patient and those who have had a contact with that patient could be isolated in Great Britain for a certain period. You are requested to follow the directions by the British authorities in this case.

  4. Measures taken by IKF and the hosting organization, BKA, against possible SARS problems
    As the organizer of the 12WKC, IKF will pay special attention to the safety and the human rights of all participants and will take every possible step corresponding to the situation.
    The hosting organization, BKA, will take care to the sanitation of the venues in close contact with the British authorities concerned, and will take appropriate measures in collaboration with the Glasgow City authorities and the medical institutions if there was any suspected SARS case among the participants. BKA confirms appropriate hospitals and the ways of transportation in advance.
Besides the competitors, many other people such as IKF officers, referees, operational staff, Dan examinees and spectators, may enter Great Britain from each country. We would appreciate it if you could kindly distribute the above information to all the people who may belong to your group.

Sincerely yours,

Jun Takeuchi
IKF Secretary General