42nd Annual Steveston Tournament

February 14, 2004

Approximately 25 Kenshi and 8 guests from SCKF went to the taikai the weekend of Feb. 13-15th. Took the usual tours on Friday and Sunday of the Vancouver area. On Friday night, Steveston Kendo Club treated us to a nice dinner and then we attended the godo-keiko at the gym after dinner. Many kenshi from the Vancouver area were there as well as kenshi from Hawaii, Washington State and Toronto.

On Saturday the tournament started at 10am and was completed by approximately 8pm. There were about 325 participants.

SCKF participants are indicated below in bold.

10 Years and Under                       11 to 13 Years
1st place - R. Eguchi, TOR               1st place - T. Akiyama, Northwest
2nd place - C. Inouye, VEN               2nd place - G. Mizutani, Renbu
3rd place - R. Murao, Steveston          3rd place - L. Murao, Steveston
3rd place - Ja. Tubajon, Steveston       3rd place - A. Kwan, Steveston

14 to 15 Years                           Ladies
1st place - T. Hori, TOR                 1st place - N. Fukushima, Vancouver
2nd place - R. Campbell, Steveston       2nd place - M. Akitaya, Vancouver
3rd place - Y. Mizutani, Renbu           3rd place - Y. Hayashi, Vancouver
3rd place - S. Cho, Renbu                3rd place - A. Akitaya, Vancouver

Non-Degree                               1-2 Dan
1st place - T. Shima, NCKF               1st place - K. Ishikawa, UBC
2nd place - J. Hoang, Seattle            2nd place - J. Marsten, Highline
3rd place - R. Chan, Sunrise             3rd place - J. Higo, Steveston
3rd place - J. Friedman, Everett         3rd place - A. Nemeti, STYO

3rd Dan                                  4th Dan and Above
1st place - F. Itokazu, COV              1st place - C. Yang, TOR
2nd place - K. Tanaka, Bellevue          2nd place - D. Yang, TOR
3rd place - K. Chinen, COV               3rd place - D. Ara, Renbu
3rd place - A. Okuma, NCKF               3rd place - T. Masukawa, Sunrise

Junior Team                              Senior Team
1st place - SCKF                         1st place - SCKF
2nd place - Obukan                       2nd place - Steveston
                                         3rd place - Sunrise
                                         3rd place - Renbu

SCKF Junior Team members
- Sempo:   Ryo Eguchi, Torrance
- Jiho:    Grace Lee, Torrance 
- Chuken:  Andy Hamamura, Norwalk
- Fukusho: Tatsuya Hori, Torrance
- Taisho:  Jeffrey Chang, Norwalk
SCKF Senior Team members
- Sempo:   Jason Brown, Torrance
- Jiho:    Katsushi Chinen, Covina 
- Chuken:  Danny Yang, Torrance
- Fukusho: Fumihide Itokazu, Covina
- Taisho:  Chris Yang, Torrance     
(thanks to Yuge sensei for the report)

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