Gunma Visit July 2004

Wed 7/7   7:30pm: Venice Dojo (goodwill keiko) 
Thu 7/8   7:30pm: OCB Dojo (goodwill keiko) 
Fri 7/9   7:00pm: Torrance Dojo (goodwill keiko) 
Sat 7/10  9:00am: Cypress (goodwill match and keiko) 
         11:30am: visit to Disneyland
Sun 7/11   (TBA): visit to Universal Studios
          7:00pm: Sayonara Party (see below) 
Mon 7/12   (TBA): return to Japan

The Gunma Group Sayonara party will be at:
  Golden Dragon Restaurant
  960 North Broadway
  Los Angeles CA 90012

The restaurant is across from the Phoenix Bakery in China town,
parking is available behind restaurant.

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