2004 All California Open Kendo Tournament
Sunday 9/5/04
Calif State University Fresno

(updated 10/10/04)

Tournament results

Kyu, 11-13
1st: T Hori (SCKF)
2nd: S Amano (SCKF)
3rd: B Craven (CCKF)
3rd: J Tomatani (SCKF)
Kan: S Matsumoto (SCKF)

Kyu, 18 and older
1st: K Cabral (NCKF)
2nd: B Hongsermeier (SCKF)
3rd: E Enriquez (NCKF)
3rd: V Kii (NCKF)
Kan: T Yamazaki (NCKF)

1-3 Dan
1st: K Chinen (SCKF)
2nd: S Kikuchi (NCKF)
3rd: K Michioka (NCKF)
3rd: A Okuma (NCKF)
Kan: J Brown (SCKF)

Senior, 50 and older
1st: M Shikai (SCKF)
2nd: M Mori (NCKF)
3rd: G Sakazaki (CCKF)
3rd: M Yamaguchi (NCKF)
Kan: T Kato (SCKF)

Kyu, 14-17
1st: Y Hamamura (SCKF)
2nd: K Kim (SCKF)
3rd: J Chang (SCKF)
3rd: S Kim (SCKF)
Kan: A Telloian (CCKF)

1st: S Tamura (SCKF)
2nd: K Kikunaga (SCKF)
3rd: G Lee (SCKF)
3rd: Miyuta (SCKF)
Kan: J Koshiba (CCKF)

4 Dan and above
1st: M Minami (NCKF)
2nd: S Hamamatsu (NCKF)
3rd: Nakajima (NCKF)
3rd: T Abe (SCKF)
Kan: H Okawa (SCKF)

1st: NCKF
2nd: SCKF

Final Announcement (transcribed from document, see also PDF file)

2004 All California Open Kendo Tournament
Final Announcements
August 26, 2004

  1. Saturday, September 4, 2004 Events and Requested Information
    1. Godokeiko will begin at 4:30pm-6:00pm, and will be held in the California State University, Fresno ["CSUF"] North Gym
    2. List of each California kendo federation TEAM competition members due by the time of Godokeiko
    3. Welcome Dinner Party will begin at 7:00pm, and will be held at the TANG DYNASTY restaurant, located at:
      2066 West Shaw Avenue
      [NW corner of Shaw and West Ave]
      Fresno, California
      Tel. (559) 432-6188
  2. Sunday, September 5, 2004 2004 All CA Open Kendo Tournament
    1. Registration from 8:00am-9:00am in front of CSUF North Gym
      [Note: remind competitors to each bring 1-red and 1-white tasuki/mejirushi]
    2. Shimpan meeting at 8:45am, in room inside the CSUF North Gym
      [Note: remind shimpan to each bring 1-set of shimpan ki]
    3. Opening Ceremony to begin at 9:00am; competitors will line up according to respective California kendo federations [CCKF, NCKF, SCKF, SCKO]. Each California kendo federation is requested to select a representative to carry their respective kendo federation name cards.
  3. parking (added 9/2)
    Special parking arrangements have been made for the 2004 All California Open Kendo Tournament participants to Park in Lot K, and any buses [after unloading the passengers] to park in Lot Q [please refer to the CSUF CAMPUS MAP previously provided].

Application Information (transcribed from handouts)
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