America Zone IKF Shinpan Seminar 3/12-13/05

Contact Shikai sensei by 1/25 to sign up for this seminar.

The following information was transcribed from the AUSKF Dec 2004 newsletter:

2005 IKF Referee Seminar for American Zone will be held on March 12-13,
2005, in Milpitas, California, USA.

Place: Milpitas High School
       1295 Escuela Parkway
       Milpitas CA 95035-3221

Schedule outline:
March 12, Saturday:
  9am - 4pm  Seminar (goodwill keiko)
  7pm - 10pm Friendship Gala Party with Japanese sensei

March 13, Sunday:
  9am - 12pm Seminar (goodwill keiko)

Participants expected:
A member of the IKF affiliated organization.  Kendo 5 dan or above in
principle and to be engaged in regular kendo practice (4 dan holders
are accepted as well if he/she desires).  No age limitation.  The
candidates for 13th WKC referees are requested to participate in this

The participants bear their expenses for travel, accommodations, and

The instructors are 3 senseis from All Japan Kendo Federation.
Interpretation (Japanese, English) will be provided during the seminar.

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