Godo Keiko 7/29 with Guests from Tsukuba University

Torrance Kendo Dojo is hosting a godo keiko on Friday,
July 29th at 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  This will be at the
dojo, NOT Wilson Park.

Our guests of honor are two members of Tsukuba
University.  They are Mr. Okumura and Mr. Mine.  Their
bios are as follows:

Okumura-san is a Tsukuba's men's coach and he has 
Ph.D w/ Sports Psychology.  Also he is participating
in the All Japan Kyoushokuin (Teachers) Kendo
Championships as the Ibaraki-Ken next month.

Mine-san is the captain of the Tsukuba Univ. Kendo-Bu
and he just won 3rd place at the All Japan College
Student Championships.

Those who would like to attend are more than welcome. 
Please note that our end time is strict and we must
clear the dojo at 9:50pm.

If you have questions, contact Tim Yuge.

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