Southern California
Kendo Federation


Team USA Final Tryouts
Saturday, 1/14/06
Cabrillo High School, Long Beach

(updated 01/15/06)

The final eliminations for Team USA were held at Cabrillo High School in Southern California. This team will represent the AUSKF at the 13th World Kendo Championships in Taipei, Taiwan, December 8-10, 2006. Results and other information are provided below. SCKF kenshi are in bold.

  • Men's team
    Yang, Christopher
    Yang, Daniel
    Yoo, Simon
    Itokazu, Fumihide
    Maruyama Santei (SCKO)
    Kawabata Marvin (GNEUSKF)
    Hashimoto, Kunito
    (CHUO) *
    Harada, Brandon
    (STYO) *
    Brown, Jason
    (TOR) *

  • Women's team
    Sakae, Mitsuyo
    Anderson, Emi
    Kikunaga Kaori (NCKF)
    Tew, Saeko
    Hagiwara, Mika
    Mikuni Reika (NCKF)
    Domen, Sumi
    (NOR) *
    Aono Adriene (NCKF) *

  • * indicates manager/coach's choice for alternates. These kenshi will practice with the team, and there is a good chance they will participate in the 13WKC.

  • Manager: Masashi Shikai
    Men's coach: Yuji Onitsuka
    Women's coach: Naomi Nishimoto
    Trainer: Attile Nemeti

  • Team USA first keiko: Sunday 2/5. Note: for the first several months, these will be closed practices.

Tryout information:

  • Preliminary information:
    Cabrillo High School Gymnasium
    2001 Santa Fe Avenue, Long Beach CA 90810
    8:00am: Shinai weigh-in
    9:00am: Start

    Order bento at the January SCKF Board meeting. Orders so far:
    COV: 3, JCI: 1, NOR: 2, OCB: 3, SD: 1, STYO: 4, TOR: 8, VEN: 3

  • information from Tagawa sensei (pdf)

  • participants (from 2nd kyoka senshu)

  • Note from Shikai sensei for those who become members of Team USA:
    • those who desire to participate in tournaments between February 5, 2006 and December 2006, please contact Shikai Sensei for prior approval.
    • on January 15, 2006, each member of Team USA will undergo mandatory individual testing for speed, power, flexibility, and physical condition. Wear warm-up outfit or gym clothes.

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