Southern California
Kendo Federation


2006 SCKF New Year's Party
Sunday, 1/22/06

updated 1/22/06
  • When:
    • Sunday 1/22/06, 11am
  • Where:
    • Garden Buffet Barbecue and Seafood Restaurant
      11746 South St, Artesia CA 90701
      (just west of Pioneer, on the south side of street)
      from 605 freeway: take South St exit, go east, restaurant is on right hand side just before Pioneer Blvd
      from 91 freeway: take Pioneer Blvd exit, go south, turn right on South St, restaurant is immediately on left hand side
  • Cost:
    • $25 per person, $15 for children 12 and under
    • please bring one door prize per person

  • Please RSVP ASAP (please reply even if none are attending)

    The dojo tally below includes guests (blank means no response yet):
    Dojo # people Dojo # people
    ACE 4 PCI 3
    CHUO 6 REM 0
    CM 2 SD 5
    COV 4 SFV 0
    CYP 3 SB 0
    JCI 4 SS 0
    HD   STYO 5
    IS 4 TOR 8
    JT 2 TUS 2
    LAC 0 VEN 4
    NOR 18 WS 1
    OCB 7 other* 8
    subtotal 54 subtotal 36
    Total: 90

    * confirmed special guests: 8

  • guests (note: not all will be in attendance)
    • special guests
      Junice Mori
      Chris Mori
      Heizaburo and Jeannie Okawa
      Ann and Liz Nozawa
      Mr and Mrs George Nakano
      Hiro Suzuki, Kubota Mortuary
      Mr and Mrs Hy Shishino, SEJSCC
    • new 4 dan
      Theodore Terashima (4D)
      Leo Kitajima (4D)
      Wataru Kitami (4D)
      Young Yoon (4D)
      Ichiro Yamamoto (4D)
      Howard Babus (4D)
      Dennis Ralutin (Iaido 4D)
      Samuel Okuno (Iaido 4D)
    • SCKF officers
      President: Masashi Shikai
      1st Vice President: John Yamamoto
      2nd Vice President: Tomoji Kato (2005)
      2nd Vice President: Minoru Sakae
      3rd Vice President: Katsuhide Kinjo
      Executive Secretary: Jean Kodama
      Treasurers: Kevin Abe , Brandon Harada
      Recording Secretary: Larry Hada
      Corresponding Secretary: Guy Urata
      Public Relations: Jamie Inouye , William Honda
      Certificate Chairman: Morihei Henmi
      Equipment Chairman: Ted Yoshimura
    • SCKF advisors
      Maki Miyahara
      Yung-Chun Huang
      Tadao Amemiya
      Shuichi Obata
      Takeshi Yamaguchi
      Ichiro Murakami
      Tim Yuge
      Koji Fukawa

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