Southern California
Kendo Federation


Mori Hai Kendo Tournament
Sunday 1/29/06
Norwalk Dojo

(updated 2/3/06)
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  • tournament divisions
    Note: a kenshi can only participate in one division
    • 0-6 kyu (14 years and older will be placed in the 5-4 kyu group)
    • 5-4 kyu
    • 3-1 kyu
    • adult kyu (18 years and older)
    • women's kyu (14 years and older)
    • 1-2 dan
    • 3-4 dan
    • 5 dan and above
    • women's dan
    • senior dan (50 - 59)
    • senior dan (60 years and older)
  • match time limits
    • Kyu: 3 minutes, one 2-minute extension then hantei (except semifinal and final matches)
    • Dan: 4 minutes, one 2-minute extension then hantei (except semifinal and final matches)
  • tournament fees
    • youth kyu: $10
    • adult kyu: $15
    • yudansha: $15
    • bento: $6
    • entry deadline: 1/7/06

  • results
    note: [P] indicates perpetual trophy winner

      0-6 Kyu
    1st Eiga, H (JPN) [P]
    2nd Nishikawa, K (STYO)
    3rd Watanabe, T (OCB)
    3rd Kil, S (REM)
    HM Watanabe, S (BTK)
    HM Hakamada, K (STYO)
    HM Kuroda, R (GAR)
    HM Watanabe, S (OCB)

    5-4 Kyu Group 1
    1st Lee, C (REM)
    2nd Delong, A (COV)
    3rd Okura, W (OCB)
    3rd Ahn, A (JCI)

    5-4 Kyu Group 2
    1st Eguchi, R (TOR) [P]
    2nd Makiuchi, T (STYO)
    3rd Nakatani, T (CHUO)
    3rd Kojima, R (TOR)

    3-1 Kyu Group 1
    1st Hori, Y (TOR) [P]
    2nd Owaki, S (COV)
    3rd Ki, A (REM)
    3rd Ikuta, K (LB)

    3-1 Kyu Group 2
    1st Kim, S (CYP)
    2nd Amano, Shotaro (NOR)
    3rd Bamba, G (JCI)
    3rd Amano, Shingo (NOR)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st Bae, J (CYP)
    2nd Sayles, B (CCKF)
    3rd Kato, F (GAR)
    3rd Yamada, K (VEN)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st Seto, S (OCB) [P]
    2nd Gramatikoff, K (CM)
    3rd Hertz, R (OCB)
    3rd Matsuyama, S (STYO)

    Women's Kyu
    1st Seto, S (OCB) [P]
    2nd Lee, J (GAR)
    3rd Shido, H (STYO)
    3rd Sano, A (STYO)

    Women's Yudansha
    1st Sakae, M (STYO) [P]
    2nd Lee, G (TOR)
    3rd Tamura, S (OCB)
    3rd Lorimer, I (SD)

    Senior Yudansha A
    1st Sakaue, M (COV) [P]
    2nd Shikai, M (CHUO)
    3rd Kato, T (COV)
    3rd Yuge, T (TOR)

    Senior Yudansha B
    1st Hosokawa, H (CM) [P]
    2nd Kang, M (CHUO)
    3rd Fukawa, K (NOR)
    3rd Lin, F (TACC)

    1-2 Dan Group 1
    1st Kubo, K (CM) [P]
    2nd Kamimoto, K (LB)
    3rd Chiang, J (CM)
    3rd Hamamura, Y (NOR)

    1-2 Dan Group 2
    1st Alvarez, J (OCB)
    2nd Yang, J (CM)
    3rd Honda, W (VEN)
    3rd Barley, S (SFV)

    3-4 Dan Group 1
    1st Maruyama, S (BTK) [P]
    2nd Takino, T (BTK)
    3rd Okada, S (VEN)
    3rd Hashimoto, O (CHUO)

    3-4 Dan Group 2
    1st Shinada, S (STYO)
    2nd Kinjo, K (COV)
    3rd Watanabe, M (BTK)
    3rd Kasahara, K (SDKB)

    5 Dan and above
    1st Ariga, T (BTK) [P]
    2nd Igarashi, A (SDKB)
    3rd Abe, K (STYO)
    3rd Harada, B (STYO)

  • 2003 results

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