Southern California
Kendo Federation


Steveston Taikai
Saturday, 2/11/06
Steveston, Canada

  • results
    Thanks to Tom Bolling of PNKF for providing this information
    44th ANNUAL STEVESTON KENDO TOURNAMENT - February 11, 2006
    10 Years and Under                       11 to 13 Years
    1st place - C. Takenaka, Hawai'i         1st place - R. Eguchi, SCKF
    2nd place - J. Tubajon, Steveston        2nd place - T. Hamanaka, UBC
    3rd place - DL Kim, Bellevue             3rd place - B. Fukutomi, Hawai'i
    3rd place - S. O'Sullivan, Steveston     3rd place - R. Murao, Steveston
    14 to 15 Years                           Junior Team
    1st place - Al Eitoku, NCKF              1st place - NCKF
    2nd place - Ad Eitoku, NCKF              2nd place - SCKF
    3rd place - S. Chen, Renbu               3rd place - Hawai'i
    3rd place - F. Michioka, NCKF            3rd place - Steveston
    Ladies                                   Non-Degree 0-4 Kyu
    1st place - N. Fukushima, Vancouver      1st place - R. Wiebe, Steveston
    2nd place - S. Kamata, Ontario           2nd place - I. Taganahan, Steveston
    3rd place - H. Harada, Renfrew           3rd place - W. Cho, Matsu Kai
    3rd place - M. Taguchi, Renfrew          3rd place - H. Lam, Steveston
    Non-Degree 1-3 Kyu                       1-2 Dan
    1st place - R. Campbell, Steveston       1st place - Y. Mizutani, Renbu
    2nd place - A. Zee, Bellevue             2nd place - T. Shima, NCKF
    3rd place - R. Yau, UW                   3rd place - L. Tsybert, Bellevue
    3rd place - B. Joo, NCKF                 3rd place - S. Tada, Renfrew
    3 Dan                                    4th Dan and Above
    1st place - N. Akitaya, Vancouver        1st place - D. Taguchi, Renfrew
    2nd place - T. Enokibori, UBC            2nd place - D. Ara, Renbu
    3rd place - N. Nakano, Steveston         3rd place - S. Kamata, Ontario
    3rd place - W. Sakai, Bellevue           3rd place - D. Hayashi, UVic
    Senior Team
    1st place - Steveston "A"
    2nd place - Renbu
    3rd place - UToronto
    3rd place - Ontario

  • application info
    The deadline to apply is 1/18/06. Please see the following message from Yuge sensei:
    • Kenshi may still give me their names by Jan. 18th. Send via email to:
    • I will need names of ALL parents, family, etc. who will also be going.
    • All who wish to go should also give me their email and/or telephone no.
    • Any dojo who has kenshi under 18 years old will need one "Non-kenshi" (parent preferred) per dojo to go as chaperone also.
    • I will make all hotel arrangements. Hotel is different location than past years.
    • Airplane travel should be arranged on own. Either by internet or their own travel agency.
    • Official days of travel for federation will be Thurs. nite, Feb. 9th, return will be Sun. late afternoon, Feb12th.
    • If need to contact me, leave message at: 310.655.0302 (Pager)

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