Southern California
Kendo Federation


North-South Tournament
Sunday 4/9/04
Wilson Park, Torrance

(updated 4/10/06)

  • application form (PDF)

  • program (PDF)
  • results

  • roll call is at 8:00 am
  • tournament starts at 9:00 am
  • participant sign-in closes at 9:00 am for all divisions) After 9:00am, sign-in will require approvals and, if approved, a $10 late fee.
  • see toban list for duties

  • Wilson Park map and directions
    Note: due to another event at Wilson Park, parking will be limited so please try and come between 7:30 to 8:00am. It is possible that the Crenshaw Blvd entrance will be closed, with access to the parking area only via Carson Ave (north of the gym). When arriving, anyone in cars should identify themselves as "Kendo participants". You will be directed to park behind the gym.
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  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13 group 1 & 2
    • kyu 14-17 group 1 & 2
    • adult kyu (18 years and older) group 1 & 2
    • women's kyu (14 years and older)
    • women's yudansha
    • senior division group 1 & 2
    • 1-2 dan group 1 & 2
    • 3-4 dan group 1 & 2
    • 5 dan and above
    • team tournament, North vs South (teams to be selected at the tournament)
      • youth team (7 people)
      • women's team (5 people)
      • yudansha team (7 people)
      • kodansha team (5 people, 6 dan and above, 45 and older)

  • tournament fees
    • Kyu 17 and under: $10
    • Yudansha and kyu 18 and older: $15
    • Bento $6

  • note
    • each participant must bring their own mejirushi (red/white tags)
    • each referee must bring their own shinpanki (red/white flags)

  • North-South Taikai Results
    10 and under
    1st Makiuchi, T (STYO)
    2nd Hakamata, K (STYO)
    3rd Watanabe, S (OCB)
    3rd Matsuno, T (STYO)
    H.M. Mizobe, K (COV)
    H.M. Yim, J (OCB)
    H.M. Mizushima,Y (JCI)
    H.M. Cabral, M (SAC)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st Lelong, A (SJ)
    2nd Stritzel, M (PCI)
    3rd Hayashi, M (STYO)
    3rd Sanchez, M (NOR)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st Hertz, R (OCB)
    2nd Gramatikoff, K (CM)
    3rd Schultzel, Mark (SD)
    3rd Park, C (SJ)

    1-2 Dan Group 1
    1st Sang, Kwak (ACE)
    2nd Yen, A (IS)
    3rd Kim, D (CHUO)
    3rd Cabral, A (SAC)

    1-2 Dan Group 2
    1st Kinjo, H (COV)
    2nd Domen, S (NOR)
    34d Hori, T (TOR)
    3rd Cabral, K (SAC)

    11-13 Group 1
    1st Maekawa, S (OCB)
    2nd Nagatani, T (CHUO)
    3rd Komiyama, H (TOR)
    3rd Makalinao, A (JCI)

    11-13 Group 2
    1st Chung, A (NOR)
    2nd Eguchi, R (TOR)
    3rd Matsumoto, Sho (STYO)
    3rd Ki, A (REM)

    Women's Kyu
    1st Sano, N (STYO)
    2nd Sano, A (STYO)
    3rd Watts, T (SJ)
    3rd Matsuno, M (STYO)

    Women's Dan
    1st Kinjo, A (COV)
    2nd Tamura, S (OCB)
    3rd Kodama, J (NOR)
    3rd Kuwabara, A (TOR)

    3-4 Dan Group 1
    1st Kasahara, K (SD)
    2nd Yoo, S (TOR)
    3rd Brown, J (TOR)
    3rd Tominaga, R (TOR)

    3-4 Dan Group 2
    1st Hagiwara, M (STYO)
    2nd Shinada, S (STYO)
    3rd Nemeti, A (STYO)
    3rd Matsuzaki, Y (PCI)

    14-17 Group 1
    1st Tanaka, K (TOR)
    2nd Miyoshi, A (VEN)
    3rd Hori, Y (TOR)
    3rd Eitoku, Ad (SAL)

    14-17 Group 2
    1st Michioka, F (SAL)
    2nd Amano, Shi (NOR)
    3rd Kim, S (CYP)
    3rd Park, K (REM)

    Senior Group A
    1st Yuge, T (TOR)
    2nd Shikai, M (CHUO)
    3rd Kato, T (COV)
    3rd Tanouye, C (OAK)

    Senior Group B
    1st Nishiura, G (PAL)
    2nd Hosokawa, H (CM)
    3rd Ogawa, K (SF)
    3rd Ogawa, G (PAL)

    5 Dan and Above
    1st Yang, C (TOR)
    2nd Harada, B (STYO)
    3rd Aiba, K (PAL)
    3rd Yoshimura, S (NOR)

    Kyu Team: SCKF
    Women's Team: SCKF
    Yudansha Team: SCKF
    Kodansha Team: SCKF

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