Southern California
Kendo Federation


66th Annual Nisei Week Taikai
Sunday, 8/6/06

(updated 8/7/06)

  • 2 day program (PDF)
    (second day is Nikkei Games)

  • results

  • Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Gym
    815 E 1st St, Los Angeles
    (same as Sho Tokyo Dojo)

  • sign in for competitors is open from 8:00am, sign in closes at 8:30am

  • other info
    • Nisei Week website
    • festival map (the Temple is item 18)
    • Nisei Week Pioneer Luncheon (Miyahara sensei is among the honorees)
      Wed, 8/16, 12pm
      New Otani Hotel Golden Ballroom
      120 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles 90012
      $45 per ticket, $450 per table
      to attend contact Murakami sensei by 8/6
Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13 years
    • kyu 14-17 years
    • women's kyu, 14 years and older
    • adult kyu (18 years and older)
    • team tournament
      • sempo: kyu 13 and under
      • jiho: kyu 15 and under
      • chuken: kyu 17 and under
      • fukusho: any kyu (any age)
      • taisho (captain): any kyu (any age)

  • tournament regulations
    • individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 minutes extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • team matches: 3 minutes, no extension

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: $10, all divisions
    • bento: $7

  • deadline: 7/8/06

  • results

    Women's Kyu
    1st: N Sano (STYO)
    2nd: A Sano (STYO)
    3rd: K Makiuchi (STYO)
    3rd: L Romero (PCI)
    FS: Y Hashimoto (OCB)

    11-13 Group I
    1st: T Makiuchi (STYO)
    2nd: H Hanamure (STYO)
    3rd: M Hoshina (TOR)
    3rd: Y Rasuya (STYO)
    FS: T Matsuno (STYO)

    14-17 Group I
    1st: K Tanaka (TOR)
    2nd: L.A. Lee (REM)
    3rd: K Kamimoto (LB)
    3rd: James Lee (REM)
    FS: T Watanabe (OCB)

    Adult Kyu Group I
    1st: J Paulsen (TOR)
    2nd: A Sano (STYO)
    3rd: B Humphries (OSULA)
    3rd: R Hertz (OCB)
    FS: S Matsuyama

    1st: Covina
    2nd: Norwalk
    3rd: Orange County Buddhist Church
    3rd: Ace

    10 years and under
    1st: K Hakamata (STYO)
    2nd: J Yoon (REM)
    3rd: V Ferguson (OCB)
    3rd: J Yim (OCB)
    FS: Y.K. Jong (YKJ)

    11-13 Group II
    1st: G Owaki (COV)
    2nd: A Chung (NOR)
    3rd: G Fukumoto (STYO)
    3rd: Sho Matsumoto (STYO)
    FS: S Moon (ACE)

    14-17 Group II
    1st: C Lee (REM)
    2nd: S Kim (CYP)
    3rd: A Lim (ACE)
    3rd: S Owaki (COV)
    FS: Matayoshi (WLA)

    Adult Kyu Group II
    1st: M Owaki (COV)
    2nd: F Kato (GAR)
    3rd: K Gramatikoff (CM)
    3rd: M Turner (CHUO)
    FS: N Kawata (GAR)


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