Southern California
Kendo Federation


2006 Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/13/06

  • 2 day program (PDF)
    (first day is Nisei Week)

  • CSULB Pyramid
    1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach

  • admission notes
    • there is a $5 admission fee for spectators, plus a possible $5 parking fee
    • schedule:
      - 7:00am: set up (volunteers must sign up in advance, see below)
      - 7:30am: sign in for competitors opens
      - 8:30am: sign in closes
      - 9:00am: opening ceremony
    • volunteers (setup, scorekeepers, announcers, etc)
      - your name must be submitted by 8/7 to be on the list to receive a pass
      - the pass allows entrance into the competition area and free admission
      - you must sign in that morning to obtain your pass (see Sakae san)
    • no pass required for competitors in keikogi/hakama and shinpan in uniform
    • shinpan and volunteers: get lunch ticket from Sakae san

  • other info
    • Nikkei Games website
    • CSULB map
      The Pyramid is on Atherton St between Bellflower Blvd and Palos Verdes. Take the Bellflower exit south from the 405 freeway, then turn east (left) on Atherton. The Pyramid is on the south (right) side of the street.
    • Nikkei Games Banquet
      Thu, 8/10, 6pm
      The Grand (Banquet Facilities)
      4101 East Willow St, Long Beach 90815
      approx $35 per person
      to attend contact Yuge sensei by 7/30
Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • tournament divisions
    • yudansha divisions
      • women's yudansha
      • 1-2 dan
      • 3-4 dan
      • 5 dan and above
    • kyu divisions
      • 13 years and under
      • 14-17 years
      • adult (18 years and older)

  • tournament regulations
    • yudansha matches: 4 minutes, unlimited extension
    • kyu matches
      • 2-person teams (enter as individuals)
      • teams are assigned by tournament officials
      • time limit 3 minutes without stop
      • at the end of both matches the team with the most points wins
      • in case of tie, senpo do ippon-shobu

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: $20, all divisions
      • when applying, be sure to specify tshirt size
    • bento: $7
    • deadline: 7/8/06

  • results

    2-person kyu team shiai, 13 and under
    1st: L Suzuki (CM), Sho Matsumoto (STYO)
    2nd: S Maekawa (OCB), M Hanamure (STYO)
    3rd: K Murata (OCB), H Komiyama (TOR)
    3rd: I Toyomitsu (STYO), G Fukumoto (STYO)

    2-person kyu team shiai, 18 and over
    1st: M Schultzel (SDKB), Matsuyama (STYO)
    2nd: E Kolmos (WLA), Y Maekawa (OCB)
    3rd: D Lee (WS), C Shishino (JCI)
    3rd: J Paulsen (TOR), SC Chen (TACC)

    1-2 Dan Group I
    1st: H Kinjo (COV)
    2nd: J Chiang (CM)
    3rd: A Choi (OSULA)
    3rd: K Kitagaito (GAR)

    3-4 Dan Group I
    1st: F Nakagawa (OCB)
    2nd: O Hashimoto (CHUO)
    3rd: K Yamate (LB)
    3rd: S Tamura (OCB)

    Women's Dan
    1st: M Sakae (STYO)
    2nd: J Abe (CHUO)
    3rd: S Aida (OCB)
    3rd: J Kodama (NOR)

    2-person kyu team shiai, 14-17
    1st: K Tanaka (TOR), Sho Amano (NOR)
    2nd: W Okura (OCB), D Hirai (GAR)
    3rd: A Delong (COV), S Tamaki (OCB)
    3rd: S Amano (NOR), T Watanabe (OCB)


    1-2 Dan Group II
    1st: Y Nishimizu (WLA)
    2nd: A Yen (IS)
    3rd: S Kwak (ACE)
    3rd: H Lee (ACE)

    3-4 Dan Group II
    1st: K Kasahara (SDKB)
    2nd: E Anderson (STYO)
    3rd: K Kawai (JCI)
    3rd: W New (VEN)

    5 Dan and above
    1st: T Abe (STYO)
    2nd: Y Takagi (TOR)
    3rd: R Uto (JCI)
    3rd: K Kinno (OCB)

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