Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Team Championships and Fall Team Tournament
Sunday 9/24/06, 9am
Wilson Park, Torrance

  • program

  • results

  • set up 7:00am
    see duty roster included in tournament packet
  • sign-in/roll call 8:00am
    note: sign in will be closed at 8:30am for all divisions, including championships
  • shinai weigh in 8-9am (for championship team tournament only)

  • Wilson Park map and directions
Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • fall team tournaments
    • up to two 3-person teams per dojo each division
    • time limit for all divisions: 3 minutes, no extension
    • youth kyu team
      - sempo: age 13 and under
      - chuken: age 15 and under
      - taisho (captain): age 17 and under
    • adult kyu team
      - sempo: age 18 and older
      - chuken: age 18 and older
      - taisho (captain): age 18 and older
    • women's team
      - sempo: any rank, any age, female
      - chuken: any rank, any age, female
      - taisho (captain): any rank, any age, female
    • a dojo which cannot field a non-championship team in a given category may submit one team by "borrowing" one person each from one or two other dojos.
    • all draws will be random, so if a dojo submits two teams there is a possibility of playing each other in the first round
    • the non-championship team orders must be submitted with the application, and are fixed throughout the day, i.e. no changes and no substitutions

  • championship team tournament
    • one team per dojo, best 5 plus 2 alternates
    • time limit: 5 minutes, no extension
    • player positions
      - sempo: any rank, any age
      - jiho: any rank, any age
      - chuken: any rank, any age
      - fukusho: any rank, any age
      - taisho (captain): any rank, any age
      - alternate: any rank, any age
      - alternate: any rank, any age
    • each championship team member must have been a member of SCKF for at least 12 months prior to this tournament.

  • results

    Youth Kyu Team
    1st: Ace
    2nd: Covina 1
    3rd: Remnant 1
    3rd: Torrance 1

    Adult Kyu Team
    1st: Costa Mesa
    2nd: San Diego
    3rd: Covina
    3rd: Norwalk

    Women's Team
    1st: Sho Tokyo
    2nd: Covina
    3rd: OCB
    3rd: JCI

    Team Championship
    1st: Norwalk
    2nd: Covina
    3rd: Torrance
    3rd: Chuo

  • tournament fees
    • kyu 17 and under: $10
    • kyu 18 and over: $15
    • yudansha: $15
    • bento: $7
    • deadline: 8/27/06

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