Southern California
Kendo Federation


Shinkyu Shinsa
Sunday 10/15/06, 9am
Wilson Park, Torrance

(updated 10/7/06)

  • sign-up cover letter sent to each dojo (PDF)
    • a roster for each dojo was also sent. On this roster, ineligility (indicated by "xxx") was determined by rank, rank date, and age. If this information is missing for your kenshi, ineligibility may need to be reverified manually.
    • forms are due 9/10, at the SCKF Board meeting
    • forms must include rank, birthdate, height, and weight for each participant
    • full rank information must be provided for each applicant, especially those requesting yudansha ranks
      - for ranks received outside SCKF, note the rank date (day/month/year) and federation (must be AUSKF/IKF affiliated) and attach a copy of the menjo (rank certificate) to the application form

  • See the SCKF reference page for a link to the study guide for promotional examination (AUSKF). This is a good reference for participants, examiners, and instructors. The written examination questions are taken from it.
    • written tests must be completed by those requesting 1kyu and above (PDF)

  • Examination boards and tentative schedule
    • Set up 7:00am Sunday morning (see toban list)
    • Particpants: arrive by 8am. Sign-in closes at 8:30am, no late participants allowed!
    • Examiners meeting at 8:15am.
    • Start 9:00am.
    • See bottom of page for list of examiners, coordinators, tachiai, etc
    • Note: the following ranks are automatically awarded based on on head instructor's recommendation, so kenshi requesting these ranks do not participate in the shinsa:
      - youth 6 kyu
      - youth 5 kyu
      - adult 4 kyu

  • blank form for non-SCKF participants (PDF)
    Note: you will need the approval and signature of your regional federation. Please also be sure to get approval from your dojo head instructor, and the SCKF president (see officer list for contact information).

Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • Rules for requesting ranks:
    • 12 years and over: must request 5 kyu or higher
    • 14 years and over: must request 4 kyu or higher
    • requesting 1 dan: must be 1 kyu and 14 years or older
    • requesting 2 dan: must have 1 dan for at least 1 year
    • requesting 3 dan: must have 2 dan for at least 2 years
    • requesting 4 dan: must have 3 dan for at least 3 years
    • requesting 5 dan and higher: not covered by SCKF shinsa
    • you may request "-" or "+" kyu ranks, e.g. "1-" for "ikkyu ge"
  • Preparations for shinsa day
    • participant number
      • each applicant will be assigned a participant number
      • each dojo needs to mark this on the left and right side flaps of the tare
      • participant numbers will be distributed one week prior to the shinsa
      • remove nafuda (tare name tag) for the shinsa
    • written examination
      • each applicant requesting 1 kyu or higher must submit a completed written examination at the time they sign in for the shinsa, see pdf file
      • be sure to write name and participant number on the test
    • kendo
      • each applicant requesting youth 4 kyu and higher or adult 3kyu or higher will perform kendo with two other applicants requesting the same rank. A board of examiners will determine the new rank, if any.
      • applicants requesting youth 6 or 5 kyu or adult 4 kyu are awarded their rank automatically based on the head instructor's recommendation, and do not need to attend the shinsa. Note: these kenshi must be practicing kendo in full bogu.
    • kata
      • each applicant requesting 1 kyu or higher must be prepared to perform kata in front of the board of examiners. Note: #8 through #10 use the kodachi (short sword).
        • 1 kyu: #1 through #3
        • 1 dan: #1 through #5
        • 2 dan: #1 through #7
        • 3 dan: #1 through #10
        • 4 dan: #1 through #10
      • for yudansha applicants, only those who have passed the kendo portion will perform kata. For 1 kyu, all applicants will perform kata regardless of whether they have passed the kendo portion.
      • applicants may select their kata partner. The partner must be testing for the same rank and, for yudansha, must have passed the kendo portion of the examination. The applicants will have at least 15 minutes to practice prior to the kata test. Each applicant must be able to perform both the uchidachi and shidachi roles.
  • Shinsa day
    • set up 7am Sunday morning (see toban list)
    • examiners meeting at 8:15am
    • sign-in for all groups closes at 8:30am
    • all applicants: have participant number marked on right and left sides of tare
    • applicants for 1kyu and above: turn in completed written exams, including name and participant number, at time of sign-in
    • menjo (rank certification) requisition forms
      • dojo forms will be generated at the end of the day to record the examination results
      • kenshi may choose an English menjo, a Japanese menjo, or both
        • Japanese: provide kanji and kana on the form
          be sure to write clearly
        • English: will be as printed, unless corrections are marked on the form
      • the menjo form may be completed and turned in at the shinsa
        - final deadline for menjo requisitions is 10/22/06 (turn in to Jean Kodama)
      • make check payable to All United States Kendo Federation (not abbreviated to "AUSKF")
        - see menjo fees
        - even if a menjo is not desired, each kenshi must pay a certification fee equivalent to the English menjo fee
  • List of examiners, coordinators, etc (alphabetical)
    • Examiners:
      Abe T (STYO), Amemiya T (JCI), Arima K (STYO), Chinen K (COV), Harada B (STYO), Henmi M (NOR), Hosokawa Y (CM), Huang Y (NOR), Imoto T (IS), Kato T (COV), Kim, Y (YKJ), Mizobe C (WS), Nagatani N (CHUO), Park J (ACE), Sakaue M (COV), Shikai M (CHUO), Shoraku T (CM), Takagi Y (TOR), Yamasaki J (PCI), Yamaguchi T (NOR), Yuge T (TOR)
      Note: please wear coat and tie
      Please see shinsa guidelines

    • Coordinators:
      Asakura, W (SFV), Olson B (CM), Sakae M (STYO), Yamamoto J (SD)

    • Announcers:
      Kawai K (JCI), Kim A (TOR), Shinada, S (STYO), Timbrook S (SB)

    • Tachiai:
      Abe J (CHUO), Babus H (SB), Brown J (TOR), Chinen K (COV), Kim H (TOR), Kitajima L (PCI), Sakae M (STYO), Uto R (JCI), Yamamoto I (STYO)
      Note: please wear keikogi and hakama

    • Other:
      Murakami I (IS) head examiner
      Kodama J (NOR) chief coordinator
      Yoshimura S (NOR) chief coordinator
      Kurokouchi J (COV) sign-in coordinator

    • Onegaishimasu!

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