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Steveston Taikai
Saturday, 2/10/07
Steveston, Canada

report from Yuge sensei

The 45th Annual Steveston Tournament was held on Feb. 10th. It was also the celebration of Steveston Dojo's 75th Anniversary (of existance). There were over 350 participants and some 40 dojos participating. Participants from Hawaii, PNKF, NoCal, and dojos across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto.

SCKF had 2 yudansha and 3 kyu participants. Results for SCKF were:

  • 11- 13 years:
    2nd - Alex Chung (Norwalk Dojo)
    1st - Ryo Eguchi (Torrance Dojo)
  • 1-2 Dan:
    1st - Tatsuya Hori (Torrance Dojo)
  • Junior Team:
    2nd Place - SCKF
    Team Members: Alex Chung (Nor), Patrick Kim (Nor), Ryo Eguchi (Torr) plus two members from Spokane Dojo

Shikai-sensei and Yuge-sensei represented SCKF as referees.

results (thanks to Tom Bolling of PNKF for providing this information)

February 10/11, 2007

Early records indicate that there has been a Kendo presence in Steveston for more than 85 years, but it is clearly documented that there has been a formal club continuously for 75 years, broken only by the Relocation period during World War II. Even during the Relocation, Kendo continued to be practiced in exile, and resumed in Steveston after the War. Since 1962, there has been a Steveston Taikai every year. Special celebration honors were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Ohara, Mr. and Mrs. Murao, Mrs. Kondo, and Mrs. Nishikihama. Ryan Beebe gave the Sportsmanship Pledge.

10 Years and Under                         11 to 13 Years
1st place - D. Kim, Bellevue               1st place - R. Eguchi, SCKF
2nd place - A. Sinclair, Spokane           2nd place - A. Chung, SCKF
3rd place - C. Takenaka, Hawai'i           3rd place - R. Murao, Steveston
3rd place - C. Lam, Steveston              3rd place - S. O'Sullivan, Steveston

14 to 15 Years                             Junior Team
1st place - G. Mizutani, Renbu             1st place - Steveston
2nd place - M. Hamanaka, UBC               2nd place - SCKF
3rd place - K. Yokota, NCKF                3rd place - Hawai'i
3rd place - A. Eitoku, NCKF                3rd place - Renbu

Ladies 1 Dan and Under                     Ladies 2 Dan and Above
1st place - K. Hinami, US                  1st place - Y. Watarai, Toronto
2nd place - L. Murao, Steveston            2nd place - W. Robillard, Steveston
3rd place - H. Yamada, Vancouver           3rd place - M. Taguchi, Renfrew
3rd place - H. Chiang, Matsukai            3rd place - H. Taguchi, Renfrew

Senior Non-Degree 0-4 Kyu                  Senior Non-Degree 1-3 Kyu
1st place - A. Chen, Steveston             1st place - G. Kim, Global
2nd place - R. Wiebe, Steveston            2nd place - A. Eitoku, NCKF
3rd place - P. Chan, SFU                   3rd place - S. McNally, Spokane
3rd place - J. Lee, Steveston              3rd place - J. Wang, Cascade

1-2 Dan                                    3 Dan
1st place - T. Hori, SCKF                  1st place - K. Ishikawa, SFU
2nd place - K. Umeda, NCKF                 2nd place - R. Makino, Toronto
3rd place - I. Miki, Renfrew               3rd place - L. D'Orangeville, McGill
3rd place - Y. Mizutani, Renbu             3rd place - N. Tanaka, UBC

4th Dan and Above                          Senior Team
1st place - S. Kamata, Etobicoke           1st place - Steveston
2nd place - K. Takayama, UVic              2nd place - Etobicoke
3rd place - S. Maruyama, Butokuden         3rd place - Renfrew
3rd place - T. Ariga, Butokuden            3rd place - NCKF

application information

The following information is from Yuge sensei (announced at the December meeting):

  • Yuge sensei will handle tournament entry and hotel arrangements. Deadline is Jan 13th.
    • Hotel will be the same as 2006 (Best Western Richmond Inn) however the rates have gone up to $99.00 + taxes.
    • Air fare should be handled by individuals.
  • Email Yuge sensei the following information:
    • Participants names, rank, age
    • Parents name
      Note: at least one parent of any child under 17 years of age must accompany their child due to high security problems.
    • Other guest names, age
    • Hotel room list
  • Yuge sensei's email address is

invitation (transcribed from email)
Happy Holidays Everyone,

We have finally confirmed the taikai site and so would like to invite
you to attend our 45th Annual Steveston Taikai.

Please note that there are several changes as follows:

Tournament site has been changed to:
    McMath High School
    4251 Garry Street (across from the Steveston Buddhist Church)
Hotel accommodations are available at:
    Best Western Richmond Inn
    7551 Westminster Hwy
    Richmond, BC
    (604) 273-7878

Taikai Start Time - 9:00 AM
* Time Limit Change for the 1-2 Dan Group from 4 minutes to 3 minutes
- Friday night dinner for our out-of-town guests will be cancelled.
- The Friday practice is still set for 7:00 PM at the Steveston
  Community Centre (last year's taikai site)

We would like to have the taikai entries and any hotel requirements
(attached) by: January 20th, 2007

Wishing you all a great holiday season and look forward to seeing you
next year!!

Ray Murao
Steveston Kendo Club

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