Southern California
Kendo Federation


North-South Taikai
San Jose

  • Excerpt from invitation letter:
    Event:  49th Annual North-South Tournament
    Date:   April 1st, 2007
    Loc:    Leigh High School
            5210 Leigh Ave.
            San Jose, Ca  95124
    Cost:   No charge for tournament registration or bento for participants
            and shinpan. Bentos for non-participant guests are $8.00 each.    
    RSVP by March 4th, 2007 
    Individual matches:
            Women:      14 years and over (Any rank) 
            Youth:      10 years and under  
                        11-13 years    
                        14-17 years (Kyu only)
            Adult Kyu:  18 years and over 
            Seniors:    50 years and over (Yudansha)
            Yudansha:   1-2 Dan
                        3-4 Dan    
                        5 Dan and above
            NOTE: A kenshi can only participate in one individual division     
    Team Matches:
            Youth Team    (7 members, Non Yudansha)
            Yudansha Team (7 members, any rank)
            Women Team    (5 members, any rank)
            Kodansha Team (5 members, 6 Dan up and 45 yrs+) 
            NOTE: Teams will be selected the day of the tournament 
  • registration form (xls)
    • due 3/4/07 to Glenn Harada (please email him your excel file)
    • each dojo send on your own, but please also email James Yamasaki a list of who is attending

  • Please be sure to bring your own:
    • mejirushi (tasuki) for competitors
    • shinpanki (flags) for referees

  • North-South Taikai Results
    10 and under
    1st M Uto (SAL)
    2nd M Cabral (SAC)
    3rd Y Mizushima (TOR)
    3rd T Ito (SAL)

    Adult Kyu
    1st D Chesterton (REED)
    2nd V Kii (SAL)
    3rd Y Maekawa (OCB)
    3rd M Hayashi (SJ)

    1-2 Dan
    1st T Hori (TOR)
    2nd T Shima (SJ)
    3rd K Umeda (SJ)
    3rd E Kim (CM)

    Youth: K Nakazawa (SHIN)
    Adult: V Lee (YUN)
    Women: A Aono (OAK)
    Senior: D Hatakeyama (SJ)
    Yudansha: C Inada (PAS)

    1st R Choi (MV)
    2nd K Kobayashi (TOR)
    3rd A Minamitani (TOR)
    3rd A Kim (MV)

    1st S Tamura (OCB)
    2nd S Mikuni (SJ)
    3rd M Cabral (SAC)
    3rd E Anderson (ST)

    3-4 Dan
    1st R Tominaga (TOR)
    2nd A Okuma (SJ)
    3rd J Brown (TOR)
    3rd S Yoo (TOR)


    1st R Eguchi (TOR)
    2nd K Yokota (SAL)
    3rd AL Eitoku (SAL)
    3rd M Kim (SJ)

    1st T Shoraku (CM)
    2nd M Koga (SM)
    3rd M Shikai (CHUO)
    3rd G Nishiura (PA)

    5 Dan and Above
    1st B Harada (ST)
    2nd Y Onitsuka (SAL)
    3rd Y Hosokawa (CM)
    3rd J Eitoku (SAL)

    Kyu Team: SCKF
    Women's Team: SCKF
    Yudansha Team: SCKF
    Kodansha Team: NCKF

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