Southern California
Kendo Federation


2007 All California Open Kendo Tournament
Sunday, 9/2/07
Fresno CA

  • invitation
  • application packet (pdf)
  • note: all SCKF paperwork, including booklet ads, will be submitted together, so the due date is the July Board meeting (7/7/07). Make check payable to So Calif Kendo Federation.
  • hotel
  • results

  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 13 and under
    • kyu 14-17
    • kyu 18 and older
    • women (14 and older, kyu or dan)
    • 1 - 3 dan
    • 4 dan and above
    • senior (50 and older)

    you may only complete in one division

  • 11-person team tournament (one per federation)
    • 2 kenshi 13 and under
    • 2 kenshi 14-17
    • 1 kenshi 18 and older
    • 2 women (14 and older, kyu or dan)
    • 3 kenshi (kyu or dan)
    • 1 senior (50 and older)

  • tournament fees (make check payable to So Calif Kendo Federation)
    • 17 and under: $10
    • 18 and older: $15
    • bento: $8

  • Invitation excerpt (from email sent to SCKF president):

    On behalf of George Sakazaki, Tournament Chairman and Toshio Livingston, CCKF President, attached to this e-mail are seven (7) documents listed below that can be sent to each of your SCKF dojos:
    1. Invitation Letter to SCKF Dojos
    2. Information Sheet/Tournament Information
    3. Entry List
    4. Referee List
    5. Lunch & Welcome Party Order Sheet
    6. Volunteer List
    7. Program Booklet Ad

    We request that your federation's lists and payment for entry fees, lunch, welcome party and program booklet ads, to be sent by e-mail [with payment by check to Central California Kendo Federation, by post] or by post only BY DUE DATE: Postmarked by Sunday, July 22nd, 2007.

  • Here is a hotel near the CSUF campus:
    Ramada University
    324 East Shaw
    Fresno, CA 93710 US
    Phone: 559-224-4040

  • Welcome Party (Sat, 9/1, 7pm) will be held at
    Tang Dynasty
    2066 W. Shaw Avenue
    Fresno, California
    PH: 432-6118
    (same location as the Welcome Party held in 2004)

  • photos by Dennis Ralutin
  • results
    13 years old and under:     
    1st. H. Komiyama [SCKF]   
    2nd. H. Oh [SCKF]
    3rd. M. Konopka [NCKF]
    3rd. A. Minamithani [SCKF]
    Kantosho: A. Shibata [SCKF]
    14-17yrs old:
    1st. A. Eitoku [NCKF]
    2nd. S. Takahashi [SCKO]
    3rd. H. Ogikubo [SCKO]
    3rd. D. Kim [NCKF]
    Kantosho: H. Oh [SCKF]
    1st. R. Mikuni [NCKF]
    2nd. S. Domen [SCKF]
    3rd. N. Nishimoto [NCKF]
    3rd. R. Sato [SCKO]
    Kantosho: E. Anderson [SCKF]
    Adult Kyu:
    1st. C. Han [SCKF]
    2nd. J. Paulsen [SCKF]
    3rd. D. Van Beek [NCKF]
    3rd. H. Ito [NCKF]
    Kantosho: M. Hayashi [NCKF]
    1 Dan-3 Dan:
    1st. R. Kitagaito [SCKO]
    2nd. M. Fukuno [SCKO]
    3rd. Y. Kariya [SCKF]
    3rd. J. Brown [SCKF]
    Kantosho: S. Kim [NCKF]
    4 Dan & up:
    1st. S. Shinada [SCKF]
    2nd. H. Okawa [SCKO]
    3rd. K. Huh [SCKF]
    3rd. K. Kinno[SCKF]
    Kantosho: A. Phelps [NCKF]
    1st. J. Park [SCKF]
    2nd. M. Yamaguchi [NCKF]
    3rd. Hatakeyama [NCKF]
    3rd. K. Ching [NCKF]
    Kantosho: G. Sakazaki [CCKF]
    1st.  NCKF
    2nd.  SCKF

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