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Furukawa Sensei Seminar and Keiko
Nov 17, 2007
Covina Dojo
5pm - 9pm

  • seminar and keiko (part of AUSKF educational tour)
    Covina Dojo
    5pm to 9pm

  • informational letter from from Tagawa sensei, 6/18/07

    Re: 2007 AUSKF Kendo Education tour

    At this time, I would like to propose a wonderful opportunity in the education and advancement of kendo in the United States. Kazuo Furukawa Sensei of Hokkaido Japan will be making an educational tour for the western part of the United States in the middle of November. Furukawa Sensei is a teacher of the Tokai University Fuzoku Dai Yon Senior High School. He is an 8th Dan Kyoshi and only 53 years of age.

    Furukawa Sensei's round trip airfare to the United States as well as his air travel within the United States will be provided by AUSKF. However, the member federations that he will visit will be asked to provide his hotel accommodations, meals, and local transportation. If your federation is willing to make this commitment, then I will make arrangements so that your federation will be included in Furukawa Sensei's education tour for the western part of the United States.

    Due to the limited time that Furukawa Sensei has for this educational tour, there is always going to be a possibility that he will be visiting your federation on a weekday and not a weekend. Please keep this in mind when making your request for his visit. There is also a possibility that your federation may even be skipped if demand is too high and scheduling becomes impossible.

    This educational ltour is going to become an annual occurrence. If your federation is skipped over this time, there will be other opportunities in the future.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to host and learn from one of the top young 8th Dan sensei in Japan. Educational tours such as this one are the key to the advancement of kendo in the United States.

    Furukawa Sensei will visit these cities: Seattle (PNKF), Denver (RMKF, SWUSKIF), San Jose (NCKF, CCKF), Los Angeles (SCKF, SCKO).

    It would be greatly appreciated if I could receive your requests by no later than July 20th 2007.


    Yoshiteru Tagawa
    Vice President of Education

    Education Committee
    Masaharu Makino, Shinobu Maeda, Yuji Onitsuka

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