Southern California
Kendo Federation


NCIA/SCIA Iaido Seminar and Shinsa
Fri 11/30/07 and Sat 12/1/07
Berkeley CA

  • for details and application see invitation

  • Place: Studio 12, 2525 8th St #12, Berkeley CA 94710-2541

  • Schedule:
    Fri 11/30 seminar, 1-5:30pm
    Sat 12/01 practice and shinsa (up to 2 dan), 1-4pm

  • Other notes
    • contact Dennis Ralutin if you are interested in carpooling early Fri morning
    • make checks for shinsa and seminar payable to Northern California Kendo Federation (do not abbreviate)
    • make checks for menjo payable to Southern California Iaido Association (do not abbreviate)

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