Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF/AUSKF 2008 Membership Dues

  • membership fees for both AUSKF and SCKF are due at the March SCKF meeting (3/8/08). Please bring:
    • check payable to Southern California Kendo Federation for both SCKF and AUSKF dues:
      $39 = 14 + 25 for 17 and under
      $66 = 26 + 40 for 18 and over

    • updated membership xls file on CD or other electronic media

  • see info letter for details. Excerpts:
    • 2007 membership xls files were provided to each dojo. Change the registration date to 2008 for all returning members, and add new members at the bottom of the file. Be sure to provide the birthdate and update the current rank, if necessary.
    • if a member was assigned more than one AUSKF ID number, use the largest number and discard any smaller numbers
    • be sure to provide dojo name and address, head instructor name, and the name, phone number, and email address of the main contact person
    • SCKF will collect all dojo fees and files and submit one combined check to AUSKF, as well as one combined xls file

  • to add members later in the year, use the new member xls file

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