Southern California
Kendo Federation


North-South Tournament
50th Anniversary
Sunday 4/20/08
Wilson Park, Torrance

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  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13
    • kyu 14-17
    • adult kyu (18 years and older)
    • women's kyu (14 years and older)
    • women's yudansha
    • senior division
    • 1-2 dan
    • 3-4 dan
    • 5 dan and above
    • team tournament, North vs South (teams to be selected at the tournament)
      • youth team (7 people)
      • women's team (5 people)
      • yudansha team (7 people)
      • kodansha team (5 people, 6 dan and above, 45 and older)

  • tournament fees
    • Kyu 17 and under: $12
    • Yudansha and kyu 18 and older: $20
    • Bento $7

  • note
    • each participant must bring their own mejirushi (red/white tags)
    • each referee must bring their own shinpanki (red/white flags)

  • North-South Taikai Results
    10 and under
    1st Ito T (SAL)
    2nd Satoh K (STYO)
    3rd Kim A (CYP)
    3rd Shima R (STYO)
    H.M. Yoshiki R (TOR)
    H.M. Sugiyama M (STYO)
    H.M. Kumagai D (TOR)
    H.M. Kim E (NOR)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st Vanbeek D (SAC)
    2nd Nguyen M (SDKB)
    3rd Shearen J (JCI)
    3rd Kim S (SFV)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st Pruitt D (SDKB)
    2nd Ito H (SAL)
    3rd Song L (COV)
    3rd Dehn T (PCI)

    1-2 Dan Group 1
    1st Umeda K (SJ)
    2nd Amano S (NOR)
    3rd Michioka F (SAL)
    3rd Park K (CM)

    1-2 Dan Group 2
    1st Sun S (STYO)
    2nd Domenighetti A (SDKB)
    34d Yang M (YKJ)
    3rd Bae J (CYP)

    11-13 Group 1
    1st Yamaoka R (TOR)
    2nd Hakamata K (STYO)
    3rd Mizobe K (GED)
    3rd Han J (NOR)

    11-13 Group 2
    1st Nagatani T (CHUO)
    2nd Minamitani A (TOR)
    3rd Makiuchi T (STYO)
    3rd Nogimura Y (TOR)

    Women's Kyu
    1st Chuang G (SJ)
    2nd Ide K (COV)
    3rd Tamaki Y (OCB)
    3rd Lee H (OAK)

    Women's Dan
    1st Lee G (TOR)
    2nd Cabral M (SAC)
    3rd Mikuni R (SJ)
    3rd Kikunaga K (SJ)

    3-4 Dan Group 1
    1st Chinen K (GED)
    2nd Brown J (TOR)
    3rd Matsumoto S (GED)
    3rd Nakamoto D (CM)

    3-4 Dan Group 2
    1st Kobayashi K (CM)
    2nd Maestu (WLA)
    3rd Johnson T (CHUO)
    3rd Tabuchi T (GED)

    14-17 Group 1
    1st Eguchi R (SAL)
    2nd Fukumoto G (STYO)
    3rd Konopka M (SM)
    3rd Nguyen K (SJ)

    14-17 Group 2
    1st Eitoku A (SAL)
    2nd Okura W (OCB)
    3rd Tanaka K (TOR)
    3rd Inouye C (VEN)


    Senior Group
    1st Yamaguchi M (MV)
    2nd Shikai M (CHUO)
    3rd Nishiura G (PA)
    3rd Tanouye, C (OAK)

    5 Dan and Above
    1st Abe T (STYO)
    2nd Harada B (STYO)
    3rd Yang C (TOR)
    3rd Shinada S (STYO)

    Kyu Team: SCKF
    Women's Team: NCKF
    Yudansha Team: SCKF
    Kodansha Team: SCKF

  • see photos by Dennis Ralutin

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