Southern California
Kendo Federation


Nito Seminar
Salt Lake City, Utah
Fri-Sun, 4/25-27/08

For details and the latest information please see Excerpts:
  • Instructors (from Niten Ichiryu Musashi Kai in Japan)
    • Nakamura Tenshin, President, 17th Shihan of Heiho Tenka
    • Sasaki Hirotsugu, Vice President, AJKF 7th Dan
  • open to kendoka of all levels
  • Schedule:
    • Fri:  4/25 6-9pm introductory workshop (free, no kendo experience required)
    • Sat: 4/26 4-7pm nito ryu seminar ($30 before 4/12, $40 at the door)
    • Sat: 4/27 11-6pm seminar continuation
  • Location:
    • Fri:  Cultural Celebration Center
    • Sat: Columbus Community Center
    • Sun: University of Utah

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