Southern California
Kendo Federation


Team SCKF / US Championships
July 3-5, 2008
Las Vegas NV

(updated 7/7/08)

  • Team SCKF Manager: Spencer Hosokawa
    Head coach: Chris Yang
    Assistant coach: Saeko Tew
    Assistant coach: Yuji Hosokawa
    Team members: see eliminations results

  • see full results including tournament trees (849KB pdf file)

  • Individual Championships summary

    Junior Youth
    1st: G Owaki (SCKF)
    2nd: T Akamatsu (GNEUSKF)
    3rd: T Nagatani (SCKF)
    3rd: T Makiuchi (SCKF)
    FS: K Kobayashi (SCKF)
    FS: H Miyawaki (SCKO)

    Women’s Mudansha
    1st: K Ide (SCKF)
    2nd: S Jolly (PNKF)
    3rd: C Song (SCKO)
    3rd: K Nickels (EUSKF)
    FS: G Chuang (NCKF)
    FS: L Kanegawa (NCKF)

    Women’s Individual
    1st: S Choi (SCKF)
    2nd: M Sakae (SCKF)
    3rd: M Cabral (NCKF)
    3rd: G Lee (SCKF)
    FS: S Mikuni (NCKF)
    FS: S Domen (SCKF)

    Senior Youth
    1st: K Umeda (NCKF)
    2nd: J Lee (WKF)
    3rd: S Konopka (NCKF)
    3rd: A Choi (SCKO)
    FS: J Song (WKF)
    FS: S Choi (NCKF)

    Men’s Mudansha
    1st: P Park (SEUSKF)
    2nd: Y Yoo (SCKF)
    3rd: Y Yazawa (SCKO)
    3rd: F Wessbecher (PNKF)
    FS: T Metzinger (SWKIF)
    FS: R Tatu (AEUSKF)

    Men’s Individual
    1st: K Hatakeyama (GNEUSKF)
    2nd: K Narumoto (MWKF)
    3rd: K Huh (SCKF)
    3rd: M Kawabata (GNEUSKF)
    FS: K Yoshida (MWKF)
    FS: W Speagle (NCKF)


    1st: DJ Kim (SEUSKF)
    2nd: M Koga (NCKF)
    3rd: M Grivas (AEUSKF)
    3rd: C Marsten (PNKF)
    FS: T Kato (SCKF)
    FS: F Takada (SCKO)


  • Team Championships summary

    Junior Youth
    1st: SCKF
    2nd: GNEUSKF
    3rd: NCKF
    3rd: WKF

    Senior Youth
    1st: SCKO
    2nd: MWKF
    3rd: SCKF
    3rd: WKF

    1st: SCKF
    2nd: NCKF
    3rd: AEUSKF
    3rd: SCKO

    1st: SCKF
    2nd: SCKO
    3rd: MWKF
    3rd: ECUSKF

Team SCKF information:

  • practice schedule
    Practices and gasshuku are mandatory for all members of Team SCKF.

  • if you cannot attend a practice or have any questions, contact manager Spencer Hosokawa and head coach Chris Yang (for cell phone numbers, see contact information handed out at the elimination tournament)

  • team practice photos (posted by Dennis Ralutin)

  • fundraising
    Please support Team SCKF!
    Buy a tshirt, polo shirt or water bottle
    (last chance 6/22/08 at the So Cal Championships)

  • Team SCKF send off party
    • when: after the last Team SCKF practice
      Sunday, 6/29/08, 12:30pm
    • where: Norwalk Dojo
      parking lot on north (far) side of building
    • please rsvp by dojo to Mrs Yang
      deadline 6/15/08

U.S. Championships schedule and trip information
(for full information on schedule, hotel, etc see details)

  • tournament schedule summary
    • Wed 7/2
      open practice
      tournament set up
      staff/volunteer meeting (time has been changed to 5pm)
      shinpan seminar
      manager/coach's meeting
    • Thu 7/3
      Junior youth individual
      Senior youth individual
      Women's adult mudansha individual
      Men's adult mudansha individual
      Senior individual
      Godo keiko
    • Fri 7/4:
      Men's individual
      Women's individual
      Junior youth team
      Senior youth team
      Godo keiko
    • Sat 7/5:
      Men's team
      Women's team
      Godo keiko

  • Trip information:
    • Tournament location:
      Canyon Springs High School
      350 E Alexander Rd
      North Las Vegas NV 89032

    • Hotel information
      As a convenience to the member federations, the AUSKF Competition Committee has reserved a room block at the following hotel:
      Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel
      3400 Paradise Road.
      Las Vegas, NV 89109
      Reservations: 800-750-0980
      Hotel Main Telephone: 866-352-3434
      Fax: 702-735-3130

      This hotel is family friendly and does not have a casino on the premises. This hotel will also be the location of the Sayonara Party.

      Rooms will be available to member federations on a first-come-first-served basis at $109 per night. Please use the group name KENDO when making your reservation.

      SCKF has arranged for early check in from 12-3pm

    • Shuttle bus between the hotel and the gym (see shuttle details)
      Wed 2:30pm (shinpan only)
      Thu-Sat 6:30am (kenshi and guests), 7:30am (shinpan and vips only)
      Shuttle back to hotel at conclusion of competition
      Godo keiko participants must provide their own ride back to the hotel

    • Sayonara party Sat 7/5
      at Renaissance Las Vegas hotel
      SCKF deadline was 5/28

    • Team SCKF members taking the bus:
      The bus will leave from Torrance Civic Center Wed 7/2. Be sure to arrive no later than 7am. The bus will leave promptly at 7:30am.

    • I15 will be closed for road blasting on Wed-Thu (7/2-3) from 8am to 10am between Baker and the state line, so plan accordingly.

  • Volunteer information:
    • Volunteers are needed to help run the Championships. There will be four courts, each needing 12 volunteers. AUSKF will provide lunch for you during tournament days, but you will be on your own for travel to/from Las Vegas, hotel, other meals, etc.

      The chief coordinator for volunteers is Richard Tanaka sensei.

    • Uniform:
      Staff polo shirt (to be provided by AUSKF)
      Khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirt)
      Tennis shoes (street shoes are not allowed in the gym)

    • other than bento handlers, all volunteers are to report to the gym by 7am each tournament day

    • the gym floor has just been repainted, so extreme care must be taken not to mar the floor, especially when handling tables and chairs.

    • volunteers include Tomoji Kato, Minoru Sakae, Ted Yoshimura, Takashi Shimizu, Richard Tanaka, Jean Kodama, David Kodama, Han Soo Kim, Ryoma Tominaga, Dan Joo, Katsuhide Kinjo, Julian Amano, Ami Anderson, Victor Aquayo, Tim Choi, Irma Darmali, Chikage Doi, Megumi Domen, Yoshiaki Goya, Christopher Han, Keisuke Hatta, Jamie & Cody Inoue, Todd Johnson, Roy Kikunaga, Hideto Kinjo, Hide Kokawa, Akihiko Kumagai, Aya Kuwabara, Makiuchi, Kyoko Michioka, Eichi Mikuni, Reika Mikuni, Kyozo Mori, Taka Nakashima, Jun Nakatani, Atilla Nemeti, Sumiko Nishiura, Lily Nunez, Satomi Okamura, Greg Ota, Chizuko Owaki, Ardeshir Radpour, Asaki Sano, Sano, Mio Shimizu, Suzuki, Mayura Takasaki, Mayumi Tanaka, Timothy Tanaka, Nogimura Yang, Anthony Yu

  • Restaurant information:

    • Renaissance Hotel restaurant opens at 6am

    • arrangements have been made with Best Western Mardis Gras Hotel
      - located at 3500 Paradise Rd, next to Renaissance Hotel
      - breakfast buffet will open at 5am, cost is $8.95 per person (tickets available)
      - dinner buffet coupons are available for $17 per person
      - contact Ann Parsons: or 702-731-2020 x743
      - special kendo hotel room rate $89 per night

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