Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Kendo Exchange Tour 2008
Kumamoto, Japan
Sat-Mon, 8/2-11/08

  • for teenage kendoists 15 to 18 years
  • applications due 3/25/08; participant selection will be confirmed by 4/20/08
  • see information and application for details. Excerpt:
    It is valuable for a middle and high school student to experience international and intercultural understanding. AUSKF offers the opportunity for American teenage kendoists (15-18yrs) to be exposed in Japanese culture directly, and share one week with Japanese teenagers through Kendo activities instructed by MR. Kojiro Migita (Champion of All Japan Kendo Championship 1976, Kendo Kyoshi 8 dan). Also, traditional Japanese cultural activities such as Zen meditation, calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangements and pottery will be part of the program. A visitation to "Reigando" cave (where Musashi Miyamoto wrote "Book of Five Rings"), Miyamoto Musashi Museum, and Kumamoto Castle (considered one of the three magnificent castles of Japan) will be part of the program as well. This event is to develop Japanese-American friendly relationship of teenagers and prosperity for American Kendo. Participants are expected to represent American Kendo in the next generation.

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